Five Important Eye Tracking Facts About Web Design
Rubi • onGeneral 8 years ago • 3 min read

Many facts about web design can been seen by naked eyes and other cannot. Eye tracking can tell us many things about web designs, as you cannot get raw, unbiased insights anywhere else. Many lessons can be learn by eye tracking pioneers that are applicable to every site on web as they are to sites that tests were perform on.

Let us check out five eye-tracking facts about web design

  • In any website, the thing that grabs the visitor’s attention is the headline and they do read the first couple of words of a headline. If you give your viewer a list of headlines, they will scan down its left hand side, looking for something in the first couple of words that might interest them. So take some time, thought and creativity into your headlines than any other part of the web page.
  • The golden triangle extends from around the horizontal midway point of screen, to the extreme left side of the screen at the bottom of the fold. These two points join to make this triangle and this is where all the important elements of your web design should be. Many people monetize it by Ad sense fill space with Google ads.
  • Scan able content should be the focus as no one has the time to read long content. If the content posted is small, it encourages reading, as many people are not fond of it. Of course, you must also balance your font size with readability and eyestrain. Use this power in your web design for good, by only making the type small that people need to read for completing their visit.
  • If you are in this impression that flash or multimedia ads impress people then you are mistakes. People do not pay attention to ads utilizing flash or multimedia they rather prefer to read text ads. However if you are trying to help your visitors learn something through multimedia such as using diagrams illustrations, video etc. so far the best way utilize in your web design.
  • Then comes the bottom area of a page, it is also a hot real estate in your web design. If the important part of information is place on the left side of the web page that users generally tend to look at first then putting all the quick links in the footer is sensible. People know that they will get all sorts of links in the bottom.

Well nothing can beat personalized eye tracking done on your web design. Human eyes are hardwiring to behave in a certain way, and you can draw some very broad conclusions from only a small group of participants. Eye tracking studies can be of many kind and they can be mock ups. If you do not have, a very tight budget and can afford eye tracking for your web design then you must go for it.

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