Five Small Business Website Design Trends To Watch
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Emerging trends are always good for marketers to watch out. There are too many implications of a new trend that may originate in a specific sphere but eventually influences other spheres as well.

Small businesses have a tough time designing their websites due to their tight budget. At the same time, their need for web exposure is essential. However, “where there is a will, there is way” with this mantra small businesses have come up with new and innovative ideas to wow competition.

A small business would need a website for reasons like:

  • They need to get web presence so that people recognize them. Nowadays yellow pages are too stone age concept of searching for yellow pages. They would just Google it and find it out.
  • They let their customers find information about themselves as well as what they offer. This can make or break in race to set you apart from the competition.
  • Once customer is assured you are good and you offer a service that they need and they are interested in, sales will often follow.
  • Service entices return customers by offering a suite of services that makes it easier for consumers. It can be as simple as being readily available via email.

Well let us have a look at five web design trends that are capturing the imagination of small businesses everywhere.

1.Minimal art: This design style is being used from quite some time, it is worth re-visiting as no small business owner wants to turn visitors away with cluttered, overbearing and hard to navigate website.

This design removes the unnecessary and in turn helps your customer to improve concentration on the content or information that is provided by you. A web page having too many elements confuses the customer and loses focus. It is always perfect to reassess how smooth your design is.

A minimalist design is never bland and boring it always modern, fresh, sophisticated, elegant and based completely on the details within the design.

2.A picture can communicate a lot: A photograph on your website can also help convey a lot of information about your company. Nevertheless, if the photograph you plan to use is trite then it can litter your business website.

Custom photography is recommended generally if possible but small business owners may not be able to afford that so stock photos are relatively cheap and accessible resource. An imaginative imagery will reinforce your brand message and add greater character to your website. Therefore, using stock images is best and you must take out time to find the right piece that will convey your company’s personality as well as your service or product.

3.Bold composition: The core meaning of a web design is to communicate and typography is an essential part of it. If the content on your website is informative and creates a coherent visually satisfying experience that engages the reader then only the purpose of your website is defined.

The recent fashion is to use big, bold typography that helps create contrast between other texts as well getting attention of the customers. Oversized text can help create hierarchy and ensures that the customer would understand your message clearly.

Typography is an art and can be utilize in many good ways.

4.Clear motives: Whatever you want your visitor to do when they open your website us your motive and that should be clear. It can be anything from download, sign up or checkout, but these motives are one of the most important elements in a Small Business Website Design .

If you want that, your customer must so as per your motive then you must construct a clear, concise motive. It is also essential for you to test different combination buttons and see how they can affect your conversion rate.

5.A/B testing: It is important for every small business web designer to create a website that can covert visitors into buyers and create a competitive edge. Therefore, it gets essential to measure frequently and improves your websites performance, usability and conversions.

A/B testing will not make a bad design great, but it will prove an effective aid in optimizing your current design usability and conversions until you decide to change your website design completely.

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