Five Tips To Improve Your Web Page Performance While Developing Website
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Web page performance is essential factor to keep in mind while developing a website. It is the biggest challenge that a web developer face while website development is that the website should be easy to down load and quick to load. Most web users are impatient and they love web pages that can download quickly.

Most users feel that things do not happen fast enough to impress them and not forgetting the fact that not all web users have the same internet speed. So designing a website that kills the purpose is not of any use so it is highly important to place the information in the right way so that web visitors can reach their ultimate goal.

Many factors can add towards slowing down the download time of your web page like heavy file size of HTML documents that are use during the website development is the major reason of slowing down the loading speed of a web page. Graphics and multimedia functions are elements also responsible for slowing down the websites loading speed. Sometimes the speed of internet connection is also responsible for hampering with loading speed of website.

However, this is not it there are also technical factors are play a vital role in affecting the speed of a particular website. Certain measures at the web developer’s side should take during the development phase to create a web application that is quick in downloading. There are tips to improve the performance of web page:

  1. Redo the HTML file size so that you can maximize the efficiency and speed in retrieval

  2. Also, redo the file size for all elements being use for website development like graphics and multimedia elements with that check the HTML scripts to ensure that web page is not burden with excessive scripts that are of no use during the development process. Define the image size clearly, so that it can load quickly.

  3. CSS script is the best to use as it controls the functions of particular website applications.

  4. Many web developers say that it is easy to use PHP and JavaScript to cut down the size and to cache the compose file during web application development. the files are automatically update when some change in the data during any step of application development.

  5. Most developers use the idea of putting in low resolution images during the initial phase of application development. Images are quick in grabbing attention of visitors as the images with low-resolution load faster.

The above tips are use to make web application more effective and user friendly. Take help from Website Development Company India to get web application development faster and better performing.

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