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Sunny • on 13 years ago • 2 min read

I have just landed on page called Flash Mind Reader by name we can say that it reads the mind. yes it's true.

The workflow of the Mind Reader

Choose any two digit number, add together both digits and then subtract the total from your original number.

When you have the final number look it up on the chart and find the relevant symbol. Concentrate on the symbol and when you have it clearly in your mind click on the crystal ball and it will show you the symbol you are thinking of...
For example if you chose 23: 2+3 = 5. 23 minus 5 will give you your answer.

My Explanation:

Is that true What's in ur mind can be read by a computer? Some agree and some disagree.
I say No. Coz Brain is a super super computer it can't be read by these things.
Ok let's not deviate the topic, i have figured out the solution, it's a simple mathematic logic.

"When any 2 digit number is added together both degits and subtracted from the original 2 digit number the number will be the multiple of 9."

Let's take 10 -  10 >> 1+0=1 >> 10-1=9(Multiple of 9)
               16 -  16 >> 1+6=7 >> 16-7=9(Multiple of 9)
               54 -  54 >> 5+4=9 >> 54-9=45(Multiple of 9)

It'll be the multiple of 9.

So if you select a 2 digit number and after the calculation the outcome will be mutiple of 9 as explained above.
Let's come to the Mind reader, if you observe the numbers and symbols on that page Multiples of 9 and zero will be haveing the same symbol except the numbers 99 & 90.

Don't worry about those two numbers you won't get those numbers while in your caliculation.

So whatever no you choose u'l get the same symbol. He made a random combination of numbers and symbols. That's the little trick goes there.


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  • Guest 8 years ago

    i cant agree wid you always its not d case give me a better solution