Flirt Profile According To Your ZODIAC Signs
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The obvious flirt You're an upfront flirt who doesn't like to plan things simply because it takes too long. Why wait for the perfect moment when you can have the moment right here and now. Your flirtatious qualities are hard to miss, and subtlety is not what you are known for. Now this is all great, as you're not playing games, so you let everyone know what your intentions are. However, be careful you don't scare people off with your direct manner. It might help if you use a bit of strategy to get what you want.


The Safe flirt

Whatever you do has to be just right for you. You wait to flirt with the right person at the right time and at the right place. Now there is nothing wrong with this. Taureans, however may not have as much fun sitting on the sidelines waiting for the perfect moment to happen. So my advice to you is to take a few risks, and you will end up with a lot more excitement in your life. You just never know what might come out of a friendly flirtation. Love could sneak up on you just when you're not paying attention.


The hesitant flirt

Okay Gemini, make up your mind. Are you going to approach them or not? Don't leave things be for too long otherwise you will lose out on the moment altogether. And unfortunately when this happens, you might not have an opportunity to recreate the moment. All right, now that you have decided to go for it, remember to go slow with the flirting. Be careful that your nervous chatter doesn't take over and get in the way of what you are trying to accomplish. Remember a good conversationalist does more listening then chattering.


The sensitive flirt

Bring on that sofa sweet charm cancerians. We know you can be tough, hard and calculating. So use those qualities to choose the right person to flirt with and then bring out the soft, more sensitive side of your personality. You like to win and you usually do eventually get your way one way or another. And you know how to wait your time. Timing is everything while flirting and the Cancerian is perfect at picking the right time. Just a word of warning, don't get too clingy.


The flamboyant flirt

Go for it Leos, you are the greatest. Your flirtation style is as flamboyant as can be. Be careful, Leo, that you pick the right partner though because not everyone can feel comfortable in your presence. Sometimes you might end up flirting with whoever makes the most favourable impression, but they may not necessarily be the best match for you. Take the time to look around and see who is standing in the aisles before you make your move.


The inquisitive flirt

You are just dying to talk to that person over in the corner as you have 101 questions you want to ask him/her. Well it's time for you Virgo to learn all about non-verbal communication. This way you can achieve everything you want and more and still be able to ask your 101 questions later on. So take it one step at a time and concentrate on your gestures. You never know what will unfold.


The charismatic flirt

Librans are great flirts if they can muster up the confidence to pull it off. Instead of just eyeing that certain someone you should make your move. Yes, they look perfect and your first impression has been good. Don't be shy Librans, you will never know until you make a move. Just fill your mind with happy thoughts, turn on that magical smile and you never know what will happen.


The aggressive flirt

Scorpions go all out while flirting with someone they like. Works well, Scorpions, if that person is a good match for you, but if you go for someone who's too quiet or shy then you could be overly dynamic and scare them off even before you start. Take it easy. Too much too soon could put them off. Pace your moves and be realistic


The Direct flirt

The strong outspoken Sagittarian does not bother with all flirting techniques and strategies. They would rather go right up to someone and skip all that preliminary stuff. But be careful, Sagittarians, because if you get a rejection it could set your confidence back, until you recover. So it's best to make sure first that you are receiving a mutual signal from the one who has your attention. You are a very intuitive sign so make sure you rely on your intuition as well as your logic to make your flirting decisions and then make your move.


The strategic flirt

Capricorns are very strategic with their flirtations. They plan their flirting. They will make sure that they are going to receive a positive response, so they go little by little, building on each move until they know the other person is interested. Although this is a good strategy, it can mean that you will miss out on a few opportunities, and also miss out on the fun of being outrageous and taking risks. After all, what's the worst that can happen!


The friendly flirt

Friendship is very important to the Aquarians so they tend to get a little mixed up when they are flirting. Be careful Aquarians that you don't give the wrong signs to the one you are focusing on. Mixed messages are easy to give when you're flirting. A shrug of the shoulders can mean you are not interested, but if at the same time you're giving them that warm and engaging smile then they won't know what to think.


The dreamy flirt

Pisceans are romantic and very sensitive. You need to watch out or else you may be taken for a long ride, which ends up in the harsh sunlight instead of the magical starry night. Also don't take your flirtations too seriously, because it may just be a bit of momentary fun. You can fall head over heals when you get a response but keep some emotional reserve about you and see what develops without expecting too much straight away. This way you won't get hurt and break that beautiful heart of yours.



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