Food That Can Help You Increase Height And Grow Taller
Ryan M • onHealth & Beauty 10 years ago • 3 min read

Food is an important part of your life. You need it for every aspect of your daily life and without it, you are useless. We all know that right? However, I bet you did not know that food can have a powerful impact on your height and growth? Sure, there are many things that can affect your height but did you know that eating properly can help you improve your height? Before we discuss how food can help you grow taller, let's discuss some general and brief facts about food. As you may already know, there is a health epidemic in many countries, mainly the U.S. People are gaining weight at astonishing rates and government and health organizations are trying their best to help ease this epidemic. There are three things you need to do, to avoid becoming obese.

First and most importantly, eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. When you eat constantly, your metabolism stays at a healthy and steady rate, which can help you burn more of the fat you consume. Secondly, you need to eat more but you need to eat in smaller portions. Don't eat what you don't need and when you eat what you do need, eat in small and appropriate sized portions. What is the best way to eat in small portions? Get smaller plates of course! Bring in to your house, only the quantity that you need for the current period. Do not go on a rampage and empty a store to bring in food into your house. When you have access to it, you will eat it - that is a proven fact. Finally, make sure you sleep early. The more you stay awake, the hungrier you get. To avoid those late night crunches, sleep an hour or two earlier.

Now for the growing taller part - you are probably tired by now but read on, I guarantee you, you will find something here that will drastically change your life for the better. Although there are many vitamins and nutrients that have a role in helping you grow, we will discuss two main nutrients and the foods in which they are most prevalent. The first nutrient is calcium. Let's start off by telling you how much you need. If you are an adult, age 19-50, you need 1000 mg of calcium everyday. Calcium helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth. To help absorb calcium, you need vitamin D - calcium is most prevalent in dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt - anything that is made form milk contains adequate calcium. The second nutrient that you need is protein, which helps to build and repair your muscles and tissues. Protein can help make you bigger and to acquire it, you need food from the meats and alternatives group. Food such as chicken, eggs, milk, kidney beans and tuna etc. have a lot of protein and they can be a good part of your diet.

Consume more of these two nutrients and watch what you eat, you will have a better chance of improving your entire body and height. If you want to learn about your height and relevant concepts - visit


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