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People who suffer from the problem of arthritis must know the food items; which food must be taken and which food must be avoided in the condition of arthritis. The most important and the prominent features of arthritis are inflammation and the pain.

So it is very important for the sufferer to consume the food only which will help the sufferer in alleviating the inflammation and the pain otherwise the condition of the arthritis will worsen. There are foods which must be avoided in the condition of arthritis.

If some one is suffering from arthritis then the food which will harm him or her in the condition of arthritis must be avoided. You have to forgo your favorite food also but it is very necessary to get relieve from the pain.

  1. It is very important in the condition of the arthritis to maintain low calcium to phosphate ratio. The problem of arthritis is aggravated if the content of phosphorus is high as due to it more calcium will be lost from the body. So you must avoid the foods which are rich in phosphorus like red meat, organ meat like kidney, liver, soft drinks and also the processed meat.

  2. Caffeine is also not good for the patient of arthritis. So caffeine must also be avoided if any one is suffering from the problem of arthritis. Intake of caffeine result into the loss of vital minerals and vitamins from the body. If it is possible then try to avoid decaffeinated drink also. All the decaffeinated drink also contains caffeine so it must be avoided to reduce the symptom of arthritis.

  3. When any one is suffering from arthritis then he or she must also avoid fried food as well as vegetable oil. Consumption of vegetable oil worsens the condition of arthritis as it contain omega 6. You must also avoid margarine.

  4. People suffering from arthritis must avoid the intake of arthritis as it does not absorb nutrients and calcium. Consumption of soft drinks must also be avoided as it contains sugar in huge amount. Soft drinks must also be avoided for the reason that it contains phosphorus in high percent and phosphorus is harmful for the patient of arthritis.

  5. Besides the intake of sugar the excess amount of salt must also be avoided to increase the absorption of calcium.

  6. In any condition the consumption of alcohol must be strictly prohibited as it hampers calcium absorption in the body.

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