Foods To Increase Sexual Performance And Libido
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Many modern researches suggest that food can really spice up your love life. Before testing the pill for erectile dysfunction ultimate if not you should wish for your spouse or do not have acceptable performance, take the time to try some simple changes of diet to invigorate your sex.

The idea of aphrodisiac foods is not new. Has long been considered that eating foods such as oysters makes people wild. But do not consider modern concepts only aphrodisiac but also completely scientific ideas about sexual health. Many foods are known to increase libido, but many others provide the power to act. Let's look at food approach to sexual performance.

Fruits sex

  1. Bananas - This is a fruit that contains a variety of healthy nutrients needed for proper body functioning.
  1. Figs - The Romans believed that figs tasted sexy. It is also a very healthy food with a lot of good nutrients for the functioning of the body and contains fiber to soften the metabolism.

  2. Goji Berries - This is a new listing of food for sex and contains all kinds of healthy nutrients that provide health and stamina needed for a sexual performance. Goji berries contain a variety of antioxidants legendary.

  3. Strawberries - The icing does not shine in the world of sexual health. Provides various nutrients and flavor is exciting in nature when eating in the presence of the opposite sex. To achieve a very stimulating experience, try strawberries with chocolate, which provides a variety of stimulating natural body that increase libido.

  4. Watermelon - Citrulline is the main component of watermelon and an essential ingredient for vascular health, particularly in the region where sexual health needs it. It is also good for the immune function.

Spicy sex

  1. Peppers - always related to spicy foods with sexual desire. Especially, peppers and sex were meant to be together. They contain plenty of nutrients and actually keep the heart pumping and sweat eliminating pores.

  2. Garlic - While the garlic breath is considered one of the most demotivating sexual, very few substances can stimulate the sexual organs and increased blood flow as does garlic.

  3. Ginger - Ginger is a stimulant and taste even more stimulating effect on the genitals. Blood flow to the genitals increases greatly after eating ginger.

Seafood and sex

  1. Oysters - As mentioned above, since ancient times is known that oysters are a good seasoning prior to sexual relations. Now we know that you can try a combination of zinc, aspartic acid and N -methyl -D- aspartate. These components act together to increase production of testosterone and free testosterone and estrogen rapidly.

  2. Prawns - Eat crayfish was never considered a sexy performance, but high levels of iodine may be useful for thyroid function, which is what keeps energy levels steady, even during hard work.

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