For A Successful Married Life
Sunny • onRelationship 11 years ago • 2 min read

10 recommendations Family Guidance and Reformation Department at the Dubai Courts gives to newly married couples

Recommendations to wives

  • Men are different from women
  • Men are not talkative, so don't nag
  • Men like to be the focus of a woman's attention so don't ignore them or make them feel unwanted
  • Men like to talk about their work, so don't expect them to talk about everything you like
  • Men may have a hard time expressing their feelings, so don't force them to say something they don't want to say
  • Men by nature hate failure, so try not to criticise them
  • Men like to be alone when they get angry, so don't intrude on their solitude
  • Men are capable of solving problems, so don't impose your thoughts on them
  • Men don't shop that much and they like a contented woman, so don't be too demanding
  • Men like a woman who can satisfy their desires, so shower them with love and care as well as appreciation

Recommendations to husbands

  • Women are different from men
  • Women are more sensitive and emotional and expect your support all the time
  • Women like a man who flirts with them and satisfies them sexually
  • Women like to talk about themselves, so don't criticise them
  • Women like shopping and spending money, so don't be a miser. Try to offer her gifts and invite her to go out frequently
  • Women like to feel loved and cared for
  • Don't think of committing adultery because it is very harsh on a woman's feelings
  • Women like to be heard or listened to, so don't stay away from your wife
  • Women's moods and attitudes change during pregnancy and menstruation so take this into consideration
  • Women need a man to trust and rely on, so don't disappoint her


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