Forget Penetration!!!! How To Make Sex More Pleasurable
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What you can do to make anal sex possible better, more comfortable and less painful for you? There are some golden keys to turn the anal sex in a very pleasant and memorable experience, and pass that well and you better.

Forget about the penetration! Although it is hard to believe and a lot more to convince and would admit it, no need to put the penis or fingers into your anus, to get the pleasure associated with anal intercourse. Even the mere rubbing or licking the opening of the anus can bring pleasure.

Enjoyment Many women are adverse anal sex because of the traumatic first second or third experience. But it need not be so. The truth is that unless you're calm and relaxed, it will hurt. If he still insists to enter with no preparation and you will still hurt. If you do not use oil, you will also hurt. To enjoy anal sex and two, there are some things I have to agree with each other, as when you want to do, where and how.

Then, you can do to guide his penis slowly and in depth you want. Let him penetrate to 2.5 cm and then Ask to come out completely. Then let the other penetrate 2.5 cm and tell him to pull back completely. With this game inside out will continue to do just yet, you get used to the penis and pain that may feel will initially decline.

Before succumbing to anal sex, you should know the basics regarding the anatomy of the region. That is good to know that the anuses there are two muscles, the clamps. If you place your finger at a depth of about two and a half centimeters and the pressure on two opposite sides, they will feel located less than two centimeters. While you can control the external muscle, the rules have completely own view after acts as an inhibitor. For example, you may think that you are quite relaxed and ready for anal sex, but the inner muscles to prove totally unprepared. You both must be patient enough to give the internal sphincter comfort to adjust. I therefore ask you to give some time to become familiar with the caress of the anal area, and also try different attitudes and ways of relaxation to make anal sex painless and pleasant.

Sure, the touch of the back door can you think of weird and uncomfortable and perhaps also to feel that but if you combine it with oral sex or with simultaneous agitation and vulva, things are changing at once. Both served in the classic missionary sex, can place either a finger or a love game on your anus, giving you the feeling of double penetration.

And that love passes from the stomach...

If you or he does not consume enough iron, raw vegetables or fruit you prefer standard or ready to eat, undermine the enjoyment of anal intercourse. The foods are helping you to relaxed and confident at the appropriate time. Of course, the abuse they may have the opposite effect, sending in a very little often than necessary.

Remember Hygiene There is a reason your mom, I said to always wipe front to back in the toilet, after thousands of bacteria area can cause all kinds of infections. The same rule applies to anal sex. If touched the penis or fingers in your anus, then they should not be placed in your vagina with no power. For this there are several rules of hygiene that you can follow. First of all you must change condoms every time you want to proceed with vaginal sex after anal. While in healthy fingers, you can have some rough wipes.

Remember: you can pass from the vagina to anus, but not the other way around. Then, remember how to get in anal intercourse with someone without prophylaxis should have an exclusive monogamous relationship and have seen both in the presence of various diseases. Anal sex can be very dangerous to hire a sexually transmitted disease. So: do not ever forget the condom, especially sex in the back door

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