Foul Smelling Vaginal Discharge
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This is formed by the normal bacteria and fluid the vaginal cells put off. The discharge can be more obvious at different times of the month depending on ovulation, menstrual flow, sexual activity and birth control.

Vaginal discharge with significantly disagreeable odor or that causes itching or burning, is not normal and should be checked by a doctor. Foul-smelling discharge may be a symptom of Chlamydia or gonorrhea; two sexually transmit diseases that can be passed along to sexual partners and cause serious medical problems when not treated promptly. Another sexually transmits disease, trichomoniasis, is caused by a parasite, and creates a strongly scented vaginal discharge that is greenish yellow.

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Do not wash more than twice a day, no matter how bad the smell is. Overwashing can simply deplete the vagina's natural protective lubricants which will working hard to eliminate the bacteria causing the unpleasant smell. Stripping the area of these lubricants means that the body has to start again from scratch!

Avoid Perfumed Products

Never use perfumed products around the vaginal area, even when things seem normal. These can upset the natural balance which contributes to foul smelling vaginal discharge. You should always use a gentle, unperformed soap. To Get Rid Of Vaginal Discharge:-

A) The most important point to get rid of vaginal discharge is changing your diets and has nutritious diet. B) To avoid yeast infection, you have to avoid yeast food for example: bread, alcohols, mushrooms, red meats, sugar and carbohydrates. C) Use plain and unscented toilet papers. Perfumes and dyes could be irritating. D) Avoid excess usage of antibiotics. E) It is also important to use condoms until and unless the symptoms of vaginal discharge are relieved. Take care of personal hygiene. F) If you are over weight try to over come from this problem. To get rid of vaginal discharge you have to loss your weight. G) Avoid or decrease sugar or sweets of all kinds. H) Use of garlic juice with Luke warm water. I) Consume vitamin c for build up your immune system.

How to cure vaginal discharge:-

Know here we find out some solutions which will be helpful to cure vaginal discharge. Yogurt is very good remedy to cure vaginal discharge and it is very effective to cure any kind of vaginal infection, so we can say that eating yogurt is very good to cure vaginal discharge. Other remedy to cure discharge is just reduce intake of sugar , sweets including fruits and foods which contains yeast like bread , mushrooms because these all things helps to cause yeast infection.

• Keep your genital area clean and dry. • Avoid douching. While many women feel cleaner if they douche after menstruation or intercourse, it may actually worsen vaginal discharge because it removes healthy bacteria lining the vagina that are there to protect you from infection. • Use an over-the-counter cream or vaginal suppository, IF you know that you have a yeast infection. • Try to reduce stress. • Use condoms to avoid catching or spreading sexually transmitted diseases. • Keep your blood sugars under good control if you have diabetes

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