Free Idea GPRS Settings Tricks For Free Internet
vikas gupta • onIt & Systems 9 years ago • 3 min read

Friends here I'm providing the free Idea gprs setting and trick. For activate these GPRS tricks you need to follow some basic steps, bu in other way! Before that you sure about following things should matched with your Idea: You must not have active dialler tone !

You must not have any active plans of gprs/internet ! You must have prepaid connection !( Using of this trick in post paid will lead to you higher amount of bill ) You must have to use s60 devices (if using nokia ) or higher..Never use this trick for the s40 devices(for certain s40 devices this trick works) This trick has been tested successfully in nokia and sony ericsson devices !

Free GPRS Settings and Tricks for Idea Users:

  1. From your idea cell phone type GP13 and send it to 4444. now you will receive that your GP13 pack will be activated within 24 hours .
  2. Now wait for 12 to 16 hours……..

now send the same sms to will receive that your request has been already again after 24 hours you will find that your GP13 pack has been activated…!!!

BUT that is not a trick…yes because you have been have been charged 13 Rupees because of activation of GP13. real trick starts now..

After successful activation of GP13 pack just send NOGP13 to

4444.(4444 No is free of charge) you will receive that your GP13 pack will be deactivated within 24 hours.. now after just 10 to 12 hours of sending dectivation sms.

Again send GP13 to 4444..

now its enough …you have completed your all steps to get free internet..

It works because due to last activation sms after deactivation sms system will be hacked!!! System is not able to take decision what to do!!

now after some time of sending sms for activation just reboot your restart your device/ are able to surf free.. but note that if you are using cell phone than use opera mini or uc web browser and if you are using pc/laptop than use smart web browser or opera .

if you wish to use proxy for your opera than you must have to use any of the proxy given below and the port remains the same 1080…..

1.IP.Address: Port :1080(common for all)

  1. IP.Address:

  2. IP.Address:

  3. IP.Address:

  4. IP.Address:

There is also a new trick available here:

Idea GPRS setting internet setting name : idea gprs homepage : servicetype : WAP proxy : gprs APN : imissave this and restart your phone and start using internet.

Hope this have worked to use you the free internet.



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