Frigidity Lack Of Sexuality In Women
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Frigidity is the lack of wish sexual women. Frigidity should be differentiated from anorgasmia Where is the lack of orgasm female, but in which there is sexual desire.

Frigidity is termed as female sexual dysfunction, or change in sexual function, especially sexual desire, and this dysfunction is due mostly to locks or partial response psycho-physiological.

The absolute majority of cases, the lack of interest sexual activity are linked to psychological factors or social, is one of the most frequent determinants of marital boredom.

Also the education that is received, the lack of dialogue between partners, sexual practices and even rewarding little resistance to innovate eventually undermine the relationship and facilitate the detachment. The very fact of aging and the difficulties of everyday life may also interfere with sexual satisfaction.

The female sexual response, according to the expert, is characterized by the triad, desire, arousal and orgasm, and this lock can be inserted into any of these stages. When does the desire phase, we are dealing with a disorder that we call the sexual appetite, which may be known as disorders of sexual drive or libido disorders. It seems this change at this stage, the most important, because it is the beginning of all the female sexual response. Even when the blockage occurs in the excitement phase, the disorder is represented by the change in vaginal lubrication. If the lock is in the orgasmic phase, considered as female anorgasmia.

A frigidity is a condition in which there is a decrease or absence of vaginal lubrication in response to the stimulus. The term frigidity is also used to define the decrease in the interest of women in sexual activities. The loss of sexual interest in women happens more often when they approach menopause.

Features of frigidity A frigidity can be divided into subtypes according to their characteristics: * For life or acquired. Generalized * (happens in all situations) or situational (happens in certain circumstances). * Due to psychological factors or combined factors.

Causes of frigidity Some studies have investigated the factors that contribute to frigidity women. The data involving psychological and physiological factors. The factors are considered the psychological impact of past (childhood and adolescence) and current events (both in person and in the current relationship).

Factors Individual: The individual factors that can influence the frigidity include: stress, fatigue, health, sexual identity and other attributes and experiences that may alter sexual desire.

Treatment of frigidity Since the relationship between the woman and her partner has shown paper significant problems of frigidity, most treatment programs are designed to be implemented by the couple, but it can also be additional strategies that focus on women.

What to do when you realize you no longer desire to have sex? People who do not feel like having sex wonder why they do not feel comfortable. What's wrong with me? I do not remember being like this before.

Most often the problems are related sexual problems are simple. Such as the fear of being rejected by the partner or being humiliated by him, hormonal disorders are also consequences. The instinctive desire to relate intimately with another person is filtered through each individual, which is formed by moral, social, educational and religious begin to interfere with the person's attitude.

Frigidity is a change in sexual function that the person feels no more desire because of vaginal lubrication and sexual intercourse can bring a lot of pain.

People must realize that the body and mind are one and should work together and that the doctor is a facilitator in the therapeutic process.

Participation is fundamental to its improvement, because you can not "outsource" the treatment, one has to help and believe.

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