From "Jai Telangana" Agitation To "Decrease Bus Charges" Agitation
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From "Jai Telangana" Agitation To "Decrease Bus Charges" Agitation

Till couple of days back the Telangana agitation gripped the whole of the Telangana region. But now there is not much sign of it in even the Osmania campus which has been one of the focal points for the agitation. But there is no sign of agitation there too as the students are busy with the semester exams which start of 19th this month.

Now the whole "Jai Telangana" movement has been replaced by "Decrease Bus Charges" agitation since yesterday. The RTC bus charges have been increased markedly so much so that the people of Andhra Pradesh have been boiling with anger over this sudden move.

But the bus charges have been increased to cover up the losses incurred by the APSRTC since the last few weeks. It suffered losses between 260 crores to 500 crores. The final figure would be released in a couple of days. At the Imliban bus station in Hyderabad, PNBS in Vijayawada and the bus station in Warangal hundreds of poor people have been left stranded as many didn't have enough money to cover up the increased bus charges.

Meanwhile the protests against the increase have been gaining momentum. TDP president N.Chandrababu Naidu said the hike would affect the common man while State BJP president Bandaru Dattatreya described it as “undemocratic and unilateral”. It was atrocious on the part of the government to effect a 22 per cent hike when people were facing hardship due to inadequate bus services. The CPI criticised Chief Minister K. Rosaiah for the enhancement of APSRTC fares and electricity charges and asked if “ this was his Sankranthi gift to people”.

The TDP leaders have called upon the Congress leaders to join them in the protest.



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  • Guest 9 years ago

    I have just seen the ad for Idea on TV, in which a person is reading the news on his mobile and the headline states “Andhra to be split”. The message of the ad was mobile applications will reduce the need for newsprint and papers, saving trees and the environment. What an idea Sirji!

    So what if the Andhra and Rayalseema owned media blanks out news on the struggle for Telangana. We have the power of the internet and twitter to propagate our cause. I just ran a search for Telangana on google and it threw up over 2 million pages. There are over a 100 sites dedicated to Telangana, a thousand blogs, innumerable discussion forums and tweets. The internet is exploding with Telangana based content and the way things are going, it will soon be the most searched for word in the sub-continent. In fact, there is a page on the proposed map of the state of Telangana, on mapsofindia, India’s No.1 map site, you can see it at .

    The Telangana detractors seem to believe that blacking out the news of Telangana, will bring an end to the struggle, they are wrong. The power of the net will help us broadcast the case for Telangana to the world. With Telangana based content being uploaded every 5 seconds, there is no way our roar for a separate state be forced to a cry in the wilderness. The struggle is taking place in full view of the world, my earnest appeal to the Telangana brothers and sisters is, keep posting and writing on the happenings in our villages, localities, districts and in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. We will leverage the power of the internet to propagate our news to the world.

    We are determined to throw away the yoke that is Andhra Pradesh, and all of us right from school children to retired pensioners are willing to sacrifice our all for a free state.

    Jai Telangana Jai Hind