Fruits For Diabetic Patients, Which Fruits Prevent Diabetes?
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Diabetes is a chronic disease which can be well controlled by maintaining a balanced diabetic diet. Inclusion of fruits in diet plays a vital role in leading a healthy lifestyle. Which all are the favourable fruits for diabetic patients? What is the amount of sugar concentration in them? How will the intake of fruits in diet affect a diabetic patient’s life?

These all are the frequently asked questions by a diabetic patient. Now let’s find answers for these commonly asked questions. As per the studies made on diabetic patients, health practitioners prefer including more amount of fibre rich fruits in their diet. These fruits with low sugar concentration helps in controlling blood sugar level to a maximum extend.

Moreover, intake of fibre rich fruits helps in maintaining cholesterol level which in turn normalizes the metabolic rate of the body. It is better to prefer fresh fruits other than dry fruits for maximum utilization of food intake. Apple, pear, peach, orange, kiwi and plum are fruits favourable for diabetic patients. These fruits are rich with high protein concentration than sugar concentration.

Extracts from some fruits like guava helps in lowering blood sugar level. Grape fruit coming under citrus fruit family is yet another favourable fruit helping for maintaining controlled blood glucose level. Intake of these fruits promotes insulin production there by managing diabetes. Certain fruits are rich with more carbohydrate concentration than protein. Consumption of these fruits creates a negative impact on diabetic patients. It will be better to limit or avoid these fruit items with high sugar level in diet. Jackfruit, raisins and apricot are some examples of fruits with high sugar concentration.

Fruits like cherry, papaya and pineapple are equipped with a moderate level of sugar concentration. Certain chemical substance present in some fruits enhances insulin production. Anthocyanin is an example for this. Anthocyanin equipped in fruits is a chemical substance helping in insulin formation. Fruits like cherries are blessed with a rich concentration of anthocyanin promoting low blood sugar level.

Have you heard about jambul fruit? Jambul is mainly seen in India is an ideal choice of fruit for diabetic patients. Nutritionists prefer core portion or inner portion of jambul fruits for controlling diabetes. Seeds of these fruits are famous for controlling blood glucose level. Ashes of jambul tree are given as medicine in high diabetic case. In many ayurvedic treatments, jamun seed powder mixed with water is given to diabetic patients in specific intervals of time. Jamun seed is a rich source of vitamins, calcium and potassium and its seed powder boosts the performance of pancreas.

Making awareness about disease and favourable fruits helps to a great extend in controlling diabetes. Patients should maintain their diet in accordance with their blood glucose level. Never intake fruits in bulk quantities, take only the required amount as per diet. Always keep checking blood glucose level after food with the help of continuous blood glucose monitoring. Fruits are commonly available in market as fresh, frozen or as canned products. Make sure to buy fruits with low sugar concentration so as to control blood sugar level.

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