Fulfilling Your Fantasies Through Dirty Talk
Chris • onRelationship 8 years ago • 2 min read

Yes, it is possible to fulfill a fantasy by talking dirty . Everyone has a sexual fantasy most people both men and women have several fantasies and some of them are not possible to fulfill in real life. So the next best thing is fulfill them as a couple using role playing.

A common fantasy many couples have is the “pick up” yes, as cliché as it sounds you get all dressed up in your sleaziest clothes and head to a bar you’ve never been to and don’t forget your wig it’s not only part of the costume it’s part of your disguise just in case someone you know might be there.

Once you arrive you wait to be “picked up” then the dirty talk starts you and your new found “friend” spend a little time talking dirty while you sip on your beer or cocktail and then head out your night ends with amazing sex and a new found hobby!

Choose the fantasy you wish to play out carefully when in a public place. If you have always fantasized about being an exotic dancer unless you have the body and can actually dance I would personally skip the idea of attempting “amateur night” at a local strip club.

If you’re not very good at it your boyfriend will be forgiving and understanding and your bruised ego will heal however, a room full of drunken men booing you off the stage may not do much for yourself-confidence and it might put a damper on your sex life for a little while. This fantasy is better played out at home in private, contrary to what you may have seen on TV you really don’t need the pole!

If you’re lucky you have a large house and private yard where you can act out your fantasy in the comfort and safety of your own home while still maintain the thrill of the fantasy, the dirty talk is just to set the mood.

Couples who fulfill fantasies through dirty talk and role playing have a much more satisfying sex life than those who do not.


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