Fungal Yeast Infection During Pregnancy Very Uncomfortable
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Yeast infection during pregnancy is very uncomfortable. A woman wants to enjoy her pregnancy planning the nursery, feeling a new life in your belly shot, choosing a baby name, and the thought of bringing a baby into the world to love and rise. The last thing a woman wants is to be irritated by an infection with Candida.

The second quarter is the most common time a woman can get a yeast infection during pregnancy. During the second quarter is normal and common to see an increase in the amount of white, fine and unusual smelling discharge. Candida infection discharge has no odor.

To get a better understanding of the causes of yeast infections, would be helpful if we know that yeast, which is a type of fungus, can be found everywhere. They thrive in hot and humid. Fungus comes in various types. Most of them are harmless and some even have good uses, such as mushrooms and truffles. However, a very small number of yeast cultures are potentially unpleasant for us and may develop fungal infections.

They become difficult when the conditions that cause them to grow quickly and out of control there. Shields our body's natural to protect us from infections. However, when these defenses break or weaken, we are predisposed to fungal infections.

Damage to the skin surface is one of the most common causes of fungal infections. Heat and humidity can cause damage to the skin surface. When the skin warm and moist surfaces rub together, he breaks the protective layers and provides opportunities for the yeast to invade the skin. Areas under the skin folds are prone to this problem, as under the breasts, the armpits, groin, or between the toes. People, who spend many hours working in wet areas such as the kitchen, are prone to yeast infections.

There are good bacteria that exist in our skin and inside our intestines that help to protect us from infections. They do this by competing for nutrients and also causing an environment that is harmful to yeast. However, when the good bacteria are destroyed and reduced the fungal yeast will be able to grow rapidly without impediment, thereby creating the infection. This can occur when taking antibiotics, steroids or certain prescription drugs.

If you are having problems with your immune system, then you are susceptible to fungal infections. Thus, a low immune system is another common cause of yeast infection. Factors that may impair the immune system include the lack of food, exercise is not enough, and the rest is not enough and too much stress. Diseases such as HIV and cancer may also lower the immune system.

When we are aware of these most common causes of fungal infections, we will be able to take appropriate actions to reduce our chances of getting this problem.

Doctors feel a woman may be susceptible to yeast infections during pregnancy, due to lack of sleep, a poor diet, a decrease of the immune system and can be subjected to a treatment of antibiotics. Also, your body is having a difficult time monitoring the chemical changes in the vaginal area due to its ever changing body. Yeast will feed on the increase of sugar in vaginal secretions. Symptoms a pregnant woman may be suffering from this disease during pregnancy:

Cottage cheese-like discharge that is white

Potential yellow or green-as-as discharge

A lot of discharge



Burning when urinating

Burning when having intercourse

It is important that you know that a yeast infection while pregnant will not harm your baby, so you do not spend time worrying. You must get rid of it before going into labor. Otherwise, you can pass it to your baby. If your baby during delivery contracts is called a thrush as thrush and is at the mouth of the baby. You can also pass this condition to the baby through breastfeeding.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms during pregnancy, please seek treatment. Learn more about safe, natural, inexpensive and holistic way to treat a yeast infection.

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