Funky Hairstyles Tips And Some Ideas For Funky Hairstyles
Dr.Mike • onFashion 8 years ago • 3 min read

Funky hairstyles are a unique way to express your personality and define your fashion mantra. Not for the timid at heart, funky hair often takes not only a strong persona, but also a fashionable sense to wear them with confidence.

Some ideas for Funky Hairstyles: Freaky and fun, funky hairstyles can definitely pep up your days and add some fun to it. I am hoping these ideas help you achieve new levels of freaky and fun attitude.

When it comes to straight hair, it does not always mean one has to cut their hair in geometrical and asymmetrical lines. To achieve a funky hairstyle, one can even experiment with the color. Here, you can experiment and add color along the edges of you hairstyle. A shocking pink can do the trick. Use a brush applicator for an easy way to add the color. This would give a highlight to the way the haircut is styled and also showcase the movement of the hair.

For curly hair, you can go in for a complete rocker look. Curls are naturally wild and naughty and if you combine this with another hair texture, you can create a new look. This can even go for girls with straight hair. For this, you can brush the crown of your hair straight. Then, pin a series of curls around the straight hair. This would give you a saintly look-as if wreaths of curls have been nestled atop the straight crown of hair.

When it comes to the color for this funky haircut, you can add some bold highlights that are styled to be formed into their own curls. You can play around with two colors that can help to spice up this hairdo.

This is yet another option for curly hair-have a tiny parting on one side at the front of your hairline. This would allow a thick mass of curls to fall across your head. Next, you need to pull back some strands from one side. You can even use a curling iron to add to the tightness of the curls.

Mohawks are also increasingly popular. This would require the help of a professional. This trendy and funky haircut can certainly take you places. You would require a very good hair gel that would keep your hair straight at all times.

When straight hair is combined with curly hair, the look would obviously be wild and wacky. Use this combination to brighten up a dull day. Get a wild and untamed look by straightening or adding straight hair extensions to the curls. Brush out the curls and make them frizzy. Curly hair can be brushed till it Guys can also use Mohawks to their advantage. Shave both sides of the head and leave a strip of hair in the center that can be shaped to look like the spikes on a dragons back. Make sure the points are sharp and stand well. Use a very firm styling gel. For those who do not wish to use products, try applying egg whites. Color it a bright orange or red and explore your wild side!


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