Future Trend In ERP Consulting Is Bright
Dr Andrew Napier • onErp 8 years ago • 3 min read

Enterprise Resource Planning is taking over the market and all organizations and businesses are turning towards it. Know the future trend in ERP consulting.

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is taking over the market and all organizations and businesses are turning towards it. Instead of the traditional accounting system, people prefer ERP system which allows for automation of complete enterprise. The data is maintained at a centralized location and the modules are linked together. These are customized to suit the need of the client whether a health care agency, government agency, retail sector, educational institutions or defense sector.

ERP has evolved from a manufacturing resource planning to a complete enterprise resource planning. The latest technologies have increased the utility and importance of the functioning of ERP systems. The future trend in ERP consulting is that it is going to be the most demanded job in future.

As the medium scale organizations have started implementation of ERP system for the growth of their company, the small scale organizations will also follow soon. Application of ERP will not be just limited to big companies but also the small sized companies. The costs of the ERP applications have reduced over the years and people understand the benefits too.

The future trend in ERP consulting is bright according to the changes taking place in the current market. The mentality of the business leaders is changing and they are willing to imply ERP for the growth and benefit of the company. Due to this willingness, they will need to hire ERP consultants to implement and look after the system. The demand of the functional ERP consultants and the technical ERP consultants will increase according to the future trend in ERP consulting.

Any company looking to implement ERP application will need to hire a consultant for the expertise he has to offer. His roles and responsibilities are well defined and one cannot do without hiring an ERP consultant for its implementation. The responsibilities of the consultant are many from pre implementation stage to end user training which cannot be over looked. The future trend in ERP consulting will require the consultant to be aware of the latest technologies available and to be up to date with the service.

The new ERP systems will have a non centralized system instead of a centralized one. This way the databases will be maintained by the departments separately which will lower the costs and speed up the system drastically. The future trend in ERP consulting will include improved software which offers an improved forecasting.

All the retail stores will also turn to ERP which provides customized solutions for all kinds of companies. In future, the ERP system will have a lower implementation cost and a lower maintenance cost too. The solution will be implemented in lesser amount of time and will enable the client to get defined solution for all procedures instead of merging them.

The automation of business procedures will be done in lesser time and with lesser resources. As the future trend in ERP consulting shows that the demand is going to increase manifold, there will also be a lot of competition to face in the market. The consultants need to be ready for a competitive path with the knowledge of the latest technologies.

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