Gangotri Honeymoon Packages For Newlywed Couples
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You can enjoy your honeymoon trip in Gangotri also. Gangotri is an ideal location for honeymoon couple. You can enjoy the mysterious of the mystic India with your new life partner and along with Gangotri honeymoon packages. This famous pilgrimage site is located in Uttar Pradesh in the Garhwal Hills. Different types of stories are associated with this place.

It is said that Lord Shiva had caught Ganga in his locks, so that Parvati could bathe in it daily. For this purpose only Ganga came down to earth and it is said that the sacred stone near the temple is the sign where Ganga touched the earth.

If you want to enjoy the serene atmosphere and the fresh air to breathe, it is the right destination for the honeymoon couple. This place attracts lots of visitors every year. Tourists mainly attract to this place due to the holy water of the Ganga and snow clad mountains which add to the holiness of this place. You should visit to the major honeymoon destination or attractions of this place with Gangotri honeymoon packages. Some of its important destinations are:

  1. Nandanvan Tapovan: This place offers a beautiful view of the surrounding peaks. You can also view Himalayas from here. This place is especially a base camp for the Bhagirathi peaks for trekking. From Gaumukh Glacier, one can reach to Tapovan. You should visit this place with your new life partner.

  2. Vishwanath Temple: There is a 60 cms tall Shivling whose circumference is 90 cms. It is a popular tourist attraction. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that this temple was built by Parashuram. You should not miss the chance to visit this place with Gangotri Honeymoon Packages.

  3. Gangotri Glacier: This glacier starts from Chaukhamba and merges into Gaumukh. This place is an ideal path for trekking and it leads to different tourists spots like Gaumukh, Tapovan and Nandanvan.

  4. Gangotri Temple: This is a famous temple which was built in 18th century and dedicated to Ganga. The stone where Bhagirath worshipped Lord Shiva and the stone is the spot where Ganga touched earth, near to this place only this temple is built. This temple is built with white granite and it is 20 feet high structure.

  5. Bhairon Ghati: This spot is about 10 kilometers from Gangotri. This place is amidst forest and we can reach here by crossing river Jahanvi by foot. You should experience this place by Gangotri honeymoon packages.

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