Gastritis Causes, Symptoms, Diet And Natural Home Remedies For Gastritis Pain
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Gastritis occurs when there is an excess of acid production in the stomach. Various acids are needed by the digestive system of the human body to bring about the digestion of the food. But if there is a problem with the digestive process, or if the foods introduced in the stomach are indigestible, then Gastritis is produced in the body.

Gastritis is felt by a burning sensation in the stomach and the chest region. Sometimes the acids regurgitate into the esophagus and can be felt as a hot sensation in that region. This is called as heartburn. When Gastritis occurs, there are sour belches felt, which can also be felt with a pungent taste in the mouth. Gastritis can also produce nausea and the person may actually vomit. If the Gastritis increases, then the person may feel other problems like indigestion, constipation and diarrhea.

What causes Gastritis?

Gastritis can be caused by infection, irritation, autoimmune disorders (disorders caused by the body's immune response against its own tissues), or backflow of bile into the stomach (bile reflux). Gastritis can also be caused by a blood disorder called pernicious anemia.

Infections can be any of the following types: Bacterial (usually Helicobacter pylori), Viral (including herpes simplex virus), Parasitic or Fungal.

A number of things can cause irritation, including:

  1. Long-term medication use, such as aspirin, ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)

  2. Alcohol use

  3. Cigarette smoking

  4. Chronic vomiting

  5. Coffee and acidic beverages

  6. Excess gastric acid secretion (such as from stress)

  7. Eating or drinking caustic or corrosive substances (such as poisons)

  8. Trauma (for example, radiation treatments or having swallowed a foreign object).

Other causes for gastritis are very rare. These include:

  1. Systemic disease (for example, Crohn's disease)

  2. Sarcoidosis

What are the symptoms of Gastritis?

The most common symptoms of gastritis are stomach upset and pain. Other possible symptoms include:

  1. Indigestion (also called dyspepsia)

  2. Heartburn

  3. Abdominal pain

  4. Hiccups

  5. Loss of appetite

  6. Vomiting, possibly of blood (called hematemesis) or material that looks like coffee-grounds

  7. Dark stools

Home Remedies for Gastritis

  1. Coconut water also proves to be effective in treating gastritis. Take coconut water twice a day.

  2. Apply heat through hot bags or hot water bottle in an empty stomach. This is effective in curing the problem of gastritis.

  3. Intake half cup of potato juice before meals. It is a natural way to treat gastritis.

  4. Increase in the consumption of water and juices also helps to get relieved from gastritis.

  5. In 125 grams of curd, add 2 grams of Sprague and half gram of black salt. Have this mixture as it is effective in relieving gastritis problem.

  6. Buttermilk and curd also works well to cure gastritis. Have buttermilk and curd along with asafetida and cumin water.

  7. Take a few figs and immerse it in warm water. After about 10 minutes, strain this water and drink it.

  8. Chew roasted fennel after meals. This provides relief from gastritis.

  9. Intake a cup of rice gruel two times a day. This would impart relief from the problem of gastritis.

  10. Chewing fresh ginger before taking meals is also helpful in preventing and curing gastritis.

Diet tips for Gastritis

  1. One must have regular meals. Eating too often can cause acidity

  2. Alcohol, black and red pepper, chili powder, chilies and hot peppers should be avoided

  3. Caffeine can increase the amount of stomach acid. Teas, coffee, colas, cocoa, chocolate should not be taken

  4. Foods that cause gas should be avoided. These are broccoli, cabbage, onions, milk, cooked dried beans and peas, some fruits etc.

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