General Anxiety Disorder - Top Causes Explained
Dr. Mital John • onFood 8 years ago • 3 min read

General anxiety disorder, or GAD, falls under the broad umbrella of anxiety disorders. People who suffer from GAD are characterized by a sense of apprehension to many people or social settings, and are seen as an extension of other common fears.

Common symptoms of GAD sufferers include more concerned about simple or daily activities such as health, money, or relationships, making it easy for fear to overwhelm their lives, waiting for some not certainly looming disaster befall. Other physical symptoms are headaches, hot flashes, sweating and irritability.


Many different factors that cause GAD, and research suggests it may be hereditary. Gad usually occurs during childhood, in response to stressful situations, and can occur in conjunction with other anxiety disorders. While the exact cause of GAD have yet to be established, factors such as genetics, neurotransmitters and stress is proposed triggers.

It is important to be able to identify the causes of GAD; this will help you identify the source of your anxiety disorder. When you are aware of what your triggers disorder, you feel less capable and are not sure, and your fear of anxiety attack will fall. Many possible triggers for stress-induced GAD, and as our experience stressful situations in our daily life, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause.

One way to identify the most likely cause of your stress is to take some time from your schedule to relax. Lie back on a comfortable couch with soothing music, and help your mind to quiet. Make a list of your fears and uncertainties, and try to figure out what causes you to feel this way. Remember to be honest with yourself, and this little exercise can reveal to you the reasons for your anxiety that you are not before realized.

Below are some of the major causes of GAD explained why it causes anxiety, and how to identify which fall under the same category.

1) Emotional conflict

This occurs when your behavior depend on what you think right. When this occurs, you feel emotionally confused, and feel as though you are living a lie. It is often difficult to determine if you are suffering from emotional conflict, so it is recommended that you first try to identify your core beliefs and identify anything that you are engaged you can cause internal distress.

2) Underachieving

This is when you feel like you have better to do, or should be doing better than what you currently have. This could be due to many factors, and a common way of detecting if you suffer from it is to try and recall how often find yourself making excuses to why you underachieved. Sometimes, a reason for your underachievement may be external, due to politics, for example, and this may cause you to feel anxious.

3) Fear of the unknown

This is a very common problem, and is a likely cause of your anxiety if you are going through a particular order during your lifetime. This can cause the death of a loved one whom you depend on strong, job prospects or your health. This causes you to feel insecure and not sure what the future holds for you, and can lead to stress and anxiety disorders.

Stress is one of the most common triggers of GAD, and severe cases can result in depression. It is important to take some time to assess where you are at in life, and if you are headed in the right direction, so that you can take steps to align your actions with your goals.

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  • Guest 8 years ago
    Most people really don’t get it, how it’s so difficult dealing with GAD. For anyone who’s never had major anxiety issues, it may sometimes look as though anxiety sufferers are just lazy people who make things up… but I happen to know how anxiety can be a genuinely crippling condition. In fact, I suspect many people have big anxiety problems, they just can’t quite put a name on their suffering. Anyone who thinks they may be suffering from this should try doing this anxiety quiz! Remember, the journey of a thousand steps towards peace of mind can begin with a simple revelation.