General Information: Your Eyes And Vision
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Eyes occupy the most space among the five sense organs of our body, we must take care. Big and beautiful eyes enhance beauty to a large extent. There are two kinds of beautiful eyes. One is related to the overall health of a person and the second is related to makeup. Healthy eyes and vision care are directly related to health in general.

Sometimes the weakness of the eyes is hereditary. Never hesitate to use glasses in case of weak eyesight. A show with a nice frame that matches with the face goes far in enhancing the beauty of a person, rather than diminishing it.

If the loss of vitamins A and D is the cause of poor vision and apart from medical treatment, you should take the milk, cheese, eggs and green vegetables as they contain vitamins A and D. For eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis or watery, you should see an ophthalmologist (eye specialist).


Diabetes and eye

Hyperglycemia and hypertension (high blood pressure) can damage the thin blood vessels that lead to the retina. If you suffer from diabetes type 1 or type 2, it is important to tell your eye specialist and undergo an annual eye exam to detect any sign of a complication called diabetic retinopathy. This disease can be painless with no symptoms until it becomes serious, but it can be controlled and treated, and its evolution can be slowed significantly.

Loss of Vision

Many people over 65 years experiencing some loss of vision that is not related to the usual problems associated with age as presbyopia or cataracts. For example, glaucoma can cause permanent loss of peripheral vision, and macular degeneration can block a portion of your field of vision in one eye he or both eyes. This disorder eye sight is known as low vision, a condition that can be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery.

Some precautions to make beautiful eyes

• Certain precautions must be taken to keep the eyes healthy and beautiful. • You must see that there is enough light when reading, writing or sewing. • You should wash your eyes with eye wash once or twice a week. • Rose water or water Triphala is very beneficial for the eyes. It reduces the brightness. Even boric powder can be used for washing eyes. • Too bright light is also damaging. You should use sunglasses (goggles) whenever you're dealing with sunshine. • After a hard day to lie down, close your eyes and on their place of cotton wool swabs soaked in ice water.

Drooping Eye Treatment

Your eyes will require about eight hours of rest during a day, if they feel falling (or heavy). Smoking makes your eyes yellow. Eyes turn red if good rest is not given to them. For treatment of drooping eyes, lie down on the bed and place a piece of cucumber (cut into round shape) on both eyes. But before that, all eye makeup should be removed. Eyes need rest during the day also, with the exception of the night. Each time your eyes feel tired, close them and place your palms on them. You will see the dark figures and some hazy blur.

Some simple exercises to more beautiful eyes

• Glitter lashes are an exercise machine. Close your eyes tightly. Then try to open as wide as possible. Repeat the process ten times. During the year that the flicker of the eyelashes, eyebrows should be static. • Eyeballs should be rotated twenty times to twenty times and left to right. Lids must remain closed during the rotation. • Flicker both eyes simultaneously and quickly. Repeat after the glittering closing the eyes for some time. Repeat this process ten times. Eyeballs get fat doing this exercise. • Look in the mirror for five minutes to meet your eyes with the eyes of your reflection in the mirror. • Mark some distant object. Then look at an object closer to you. Again the object in the distance and again to be closer to two minutes. Do this exercise for ten minutes.

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    your description are very good. i improve my eyes without laser operation. my eysight is very week. but i wants them to improve perfectly. please tell me better medicine or excercise or any different ways to improves my eyes.