General Motors (GM) Diet
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In 1985 one diet plan rose above all other low carbohydrate diets as the wonder diet. It was developed by The General Motors, Inc exclusively for its employees. It was specially field tested by The John Hopkins University and was finally released to the public.

The General Motors Diet is aimed at losing 10-17 lbs in one week or cycle. Strangely it also improves your attitude and behavior because it cleanses your system and cams your mind.

The General Motors Diet Schedule

Day one: You can consume any fruits other than bananas. It is best if you stick to melons. Today you are preparing your body for the diet by providing the body with only the basic nutrition.

Day Two: You can consume unlimited amount of vegetables today. A potato in the morning is advised to provide the required carbohydrates. The carbohydrates taken in the morning provide energy for the day, with vegetables providing essential nutrients and fiber.

Day Three: An unlimited amount of fruits and vegetables can be eaten on the third day. Bananas and potatoes are restricted. Your body is now prepared to start burning the fat stored.

Day Four: On this day you can eat either eight whole bananas and drink three glasses of milk. Also you can drink the General Motors soup in very small quantities. The bananas will make up for the lost sodium and potassium. Today you will have completely lost your craving for food.

Day Five: On this day you may eat a feast. You can eat lean beef and at least six tomatoes today. The beef provides iron and proteins and the tomatoes assist digestion. You may also eat a hamburger without cheese. This way you will cleanse out the uric acid from your system. Day Six: On this day you may eat a large amount of cooked beef and non-spicy vegetables. The beef gives you iron while you get vitamins and fiber from the vegetables. By this day there must be a noticeable difference in your appearance.

Day Seven: On this day you may eat brown rice, fruit juices and unlimited amount of vegetables. By today you must have your entire system under control.

Points To Be Followed During the General Motors Diet

• You must abstain from alcohol during this diet. However you may consume a limited amount of wine or beer after the fifth day.

• You must drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday.

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