Genital Herpes Symptoms In Women
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Genital Herpes, or the Herpes Simplex Virus strains 1 or 2, is a very common sexually transmitted disease, effecting around one in six people in the World. The first thing you need to know is that there are 2 types of herpes, both caused by a form of the herpes simplex virus HSV ( either type 1 or 2). Oral Herpes (type 1) is not a sexually transmitted disease but type 2 (usually) or genital herpes is.

There are approximately 90% of those who have the virus that are unaware they are infected because they either don't have any symptoms at all or they are so minimal that they don't associate the symptoms with the virus.

Symptoms of herpes differ and in most cases, it is difficult to recognize the virus. There are cases wherein symptoms of herpes are too mild, which causes people to have trouble realizing them. For some people, the symptoms can be the most painful while for some, signs may not appear again for a few years.

Sadly one of the reasons that this disease is spread so easily is that a large percentage of people infected with the virus have no symptoms so are totally unaware that they even have the disease and so they pass it on to their sexual partners unknowingly. Other symptoms of herpes that sufferers may experience include a rash or swelling (or both together) in the groin area, and flu-like symptoms. The flu-like symptoms can include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, nausea and fatigue.

In the early stages, female symptoms herpes include a burning, tingling or itching sensation in the genital area which is sometimes mistaken for yeast infection or urinary tract infection. The virus then develops into red bumps which become filled with fluid as in a blister. Other symptoms can include an itching or uncomfortable rash, and a tenderness, pressure or swelling in the groin area, or swollen glands (lymph nodes).

You may also experience flu like symptoms such as fever and headaches, and possibly nausea, muscle soreness or tiredness, and aching joints or limbs. There is a misconception that herpes looks like a pimple although in the early stages of herpes it may resemble one as it starts as a red bump. The signs and symptoms of herpes and its severity differ as some people may experience all symptoms and some experience none.

One of the most important and most overlooked ways of dealing with herpes outbreaks is looking at what you eat and how you cope with stress, as these play a major contributing factor to causing outbreaks. If you do notice any of the early symptoms of herpes that we mention above then it is important that you seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

A doctor will then be able to provide the right course of treatment that can help to alleviate the problems. Healthy lifestyle. To prevent outbreaks from occurring, you should strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. Following a healthy lifestyle can help boost your immune system which in turn can help you ward off further infections and outbreaks.

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Genital Herpes


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