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New Zealand has created a niche for itself in education industry. Number of international students who are coming to study in New Zealand is increasing every year at a high rate. High standards of education and ample career opportunities are one of the reasons that attract number of students towards New Zealand.

English is the language that is used all over New Zealand. Law, education and government systems is based on British model. The temperature remains pleasant all over the year it ranges from 10-28 degree Celsius. New Zealand is blessed with some stunning landscape which includes, green hills, mountains, beaches, trees, rivers and lakes which makes it excellent place to live.

The education system in New Zealand is based on the British education system and tertiary education system here follows 13 years of schooling, three years of under graduation and one or two years of post graduation. The Audit unit of New Zealand’s Vice Chancellor regularly audits the standard of education of Universities in New Zealand. Every new academic program that is added by the university is added after the approval from the committee.

There are eight different universities in New Zealand which are spread all over the country. The first university of New Zealand is University of Otago. University is located in Dunedin. The university is known for its famous medical college. New Zealand’s Largest University is Auckland university of Technology which is located in heart of Auckland city, University is known for its research center another famous university in Auckland is Massey University which is located in Albany, north of Auckland.

Beside the above two Universities University of Waikato is also located near south Auckland in the city of Hamilton. University is famous for its management school and courses in IT sector. Victoria university is also one of the famous Universities In New Zealand it’s situated in the city of wellington and renowned for its law school. University of Canterbury is located in Christchurch and the university is popular for its engineering courses, law studies and humanities.

All the eight universities are very popular amongst local as well as international students. All the universities offers various under graduate and post graduate programs which covers various fields like Finance, management, management, economics, accounting, engineering, cultural and arts courses and many more. This provides adequate options for students to select the best course as per their interest.

Faculty members of the universities are qualified professionals from the same field and have vast experience. Many of the faculty members are associated with various international research and development organizations. Education system in New Zealand is considered as value for money and provides excellent education.

New Zealand Government has taken up effective steps for keeping a check on well being of international students. One of such steps is Code of Practice for Personal Care of International Students which provides quality assurance in terms of support for students. Along with safe and secure environment such steps are beneficial for international students and this ultimately results in increase in number of International students coming to Study In New Zealand.

Living expenses in New Zealand is not very high as compared to other countries. Every Universities In New Zealand offers various services to students like accommodation, placement services, pastoral care, academic counseling, excellent libraries, state of the art research labs and many other important services. There are more than 90,000 international students are studying in more than 7000 students are from India.

The number is growing day by day. Such a fast growth of education industry in New Zealand clearly indicates that Soon New Zealand will become number destination to study abroad.


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