Get Back Together With My Ex – Should I Or Should I Not?
Teecee Go • onRelationship 8 years ago • 3 min read

For most of us, when a relationship ends, it brings on a feeling of loneliness. Even though there may be hard feelings from both persons, it is difficult from feeling this way. It does not matter what caused the breaking up; those feelings always seem to creep up. It makes you long to 'get back together with my ex' the person you broke up with. This is a natural feeling. For the one who did the breaking up, you probably didn’t think you would feel this way, but even so you may feel like you made a mistake.

If you act on those feelings, you may find yourself in a messy situation. You start to think about those times that things were good. What you did at the park or maybe how you first met. All these things seem more important than why you broke up. Many people think the relationship would have gone differently if they had changed a few things about themselves. Many people tend to think that those things that were once regarded as nuisance won’t be anymore.

If you like to get back together with the ex you broke up with, it may be a daunting task. This is especially true if you were the instigator and wanted to leave the relationship. Do you think it will be easy to 'get back together with my ex'? It may not be as simple as you have played it out in your mind.

When people have been dumped, anger and resentment will set in within a few days of the break up. There is also a possibility that your ex is already moving on, getting over the break up but you have not. For that reason, it is best to leave the matter alone.

Should you be the one who was dumped, it may have been because they were not in love with you and wanted to be with someone else or you were not what they expected and not whom they wanted to be with. In these cases, you, more than likely, do not stand a chance.

Sometimes people who have been dumped take it as a sign as something was wrong with them and not the situation. It can mess with their head so much that they work harder to take care of them and forget out why the relationship did fall through. They can ask and receive answers but there is no guarantee that they will see how the situation was even probable. With this in mind, getting back together with your ex the person you broke up with may not be possible.

Should the both of you give it another go around, never start off where the relationship ended. Treat it as though it is a new relationship. By doing this, you may succeed now where you first failed. Keep the relationship new and inviting. Do not count the first time as times together. Believe it or not, it can help to make some kind of game out of “first time” meeting and go on a “first” date. Do I still have the chance to get back together with my ex? This is possible; you both just need a little more humor in your lives.

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