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Improper diet and weak immune system may be the reason behind the occurrence of nephritis. Know the best and effective home remedies for nephritis.

Nephritis is state in which swelling of one or both the kidneys can occur. The swelling actually occurs in the nephrons of the kidney due to which the kidney also gets swelled. There are many reasons behind the swelling of kidney in which toxins, autoimmune diseases and infections are the main reasons. In the case of infection being the reason behind nephritis, mainly the infection of streptococcus in throat which leads to scarlet fever is the reason. The improper diet and weak immune system may also be the reason behind the occurrence of nephritis.

There are mainly two types of nephritis namely acute nephritis and chronic nephritis.

It a serious disease and can also cause death if not treated properly. Mainly the children and people in their teens get affected by Nephritis but other people can also get this disease.

The basic symptoms of nephritis include:

  1. Colored urine - In the state of nephritis urine may be colored. The occurrence of blood, albumin and other colored substances in the urine like red and white cell clumps may be also there. In the severe stages of the disease the patient may pass large amount of albumin in the urine.

  2. Pain in kidney - There may be pain in the kidney which may extend to the urethra which may lead to occurrence of fever in the person. Dull pain in the back portion of body may also be there.

  3. Swelling - There may be swelling in the face, foot, ankle etc.

  4. Increase in blood pressure - In severe stage of nephritis the patient may have increment in blood pressure and may also develop uremia.

Nephritis may be treated by some home remedies. The main or effective home remedies useful in nephritis are:

  1. Carrot juice: Carrot juice mixed with a teaspoon full of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice is the best home remedy known for the treatment of nephritis. It should be taken regularly empty stomach in morning.

  2. Banana: Banana has very low salt and protein content but it is rich in carbohydrates so it is useful in treating the nephritis. It is advised to take eight to nine bananas regularly every day for three to four days.

  3. Coconut water: Coconut water of a green tender coconut is a good home remedy for the treatment of nephritis. It acts as an effective diuretic agent for the proper treatment of nephritis.

  4. Avocado:Avocado contains small protein content but large mineral content which makes it a good home remedy for the treatment of nephritis.

  5. Grapes:Grapes are good home remedy for both acute and chronic types of nephritis. As it has high water and potassium content in it, it acts as a good diuretic agent.

  6. Fasting: Fasting on the fruit and vegetables juices helps a lot in the treatment of acute nephritis as the fasting removes all the toxins responsible for the inflammation in the kidney of the patient and makes the system work properly.

  7. Balanced diet: The person suffering from nephritis should take a balanced vegetarian diet, which should be rich in mineral content but low in protein content.

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