Get Online Cancer Support For You Or Your Family
ANSH • onHealth & Beauty 11 years ago • 4 min read

The journey through the experience of cancer is a voyage that starts with diagnosis. Diagnosis can be a confusing, dismaying, and isolating experience. It can turn your world upside down, and make you feel alone, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Online cancer support can provide you with access to other people who have been there before. You do not have to be alone. No matter what you’re feeling or what your situation may be, with online cancer support you can open up a world of hope by talking to others who have been where you are, who can help you deal with your fears, anger, confusion, and answer questions on how to deal with it all or just listen and be supportive.

After diagnosis comes treatment, if you are fortunate to have treatment options. Treatment may consist of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, exercise and nutritional concerns, not to mention the upheaval in your life when treatment becomes the priority of your entire family. Online cancer support, again, can help you through the decisions you have to make in regards to your treatments and how to manage the side effects and recovery. Although medical advice is indispensable, the advice your physicians can give you very rarely is from their own personal experience. Online cancer support can put you in touch with others who have been through cancer treatments and survived them. With online cancer support you can ask people who have been there, what happened, what is happening right now, and you do not have to visit a doctor to get some first-hand knowledge.

And with any course of treatment, attention to recovery is absolutely essential. It may not take long to receive surgery, radiation, or chemo-therapy, but the recovery from those treatments can last a very long time and be the most difficult undertaking of your life. With online cancer support you can find people who have made this journey before, who can help you with the endless daily questions you will have. Nutritional concerns are primary for the recovering cancer patient, and finding others who have dealt with these concerns themselves can allow you a wealth of information you would not otherwise have, without online cancer support. Exercise, emotional issues, and family support issues are all also a part of recovery. Nearly no one has an ideal situation for dealing with cancer, and so support is essential for you to attempt optimal recovery.

Advantages to online cancer support as opposed to in-person cancer support are many. With online cancer support you do not need to leave your home or hospital room to find others to share with. You do not need to get dressed if you aren’t able, and you do not even need to talk out loud. You may log in to online cancer support groups at any hour you wish and pour out your concerns as you feel the need to do so. And when you are ready to read the responses you do the same. Online cancer support is not bound by geography, time constraints, and is much easier physically than any other method of finding support. All you need is a computer, internet access, a keyboard, and mouse. In addition, online cancer support members do not know who you are or what you look like. That simple fact alone is very liberating, can allow you to be even more honest about what you are going through, and it also allows you the unconditional support you need to find. You know that what you type is what you’re being judged on. Not how you look, how you sound, how you dress, or where you live.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed or is dealing with cancer, online cancer support is an outstanding tool to help you through it.


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