Get Rid Of Obesity Effectively With Natural Treatments And Remedies
Dr Andrew Napier • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Nowadays more and more people suffer from obesity problem. Even if it can be considered a disease it has very harmful effects upon our body.

One of the most common causes of obesity is the consuming of fat food. This connected with the lack of exercise leads to obesity for sure. Another cause is physical imbalance. That means that the toxins from the digestive track drain our energy and make us eat especially stimulating food like chocolate, sugar, sweets in general.

This leads to obesity without any doubt. Nutritional imbalance has the same effect. If we eat foods that don’t assure our body the essential nutrients we gain weight very easy. Emotional and mental imbalance can lead to obesity because if we are very stressed and anxious we try to overcome these feelings eating too much food.

There are also less common causes that lead to weight gain. Some persons have a genetic predisposition to store the excess of calories as fat. More on, there are some diets that slow down your metabolism. In this cases your body considers that is starves and therefore we start to gain weight.

Some medications like anti-depressants or birth control pills are another cause of this problem. Some liver, heart or kidney disease characterize through fluid retention. If our body retains liquid we gain weight.

There are some home remedies that can help you lose weight in a very healthy way. They are healthier than medication and surgery and they are worth to be tried before passing to take drastic measures. Apple cider vinegar is a great natural remedy for obesity. 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water is a very efficient remedy. The apple cider vinegar has the property to increase the metabolism so that the calories are burnt even when we have a rest.

Evening Primrose Oil has the same effect like the apple cider vinegar. Take a capsule every evening and make 20 minutes of exercises daily. Caffeine and green tea are helpful, too. It was proved that the combination of caffeine and green tea boost efficiently our metabolism. It also suppresses our metabolism.

So take Green Tea supplements that contain 90 mg of the active ingredient from the Green Tea, EGCG, and 50 mg Caffeine. Take the supplement three times daily before every meal. Combine this treatment with exercises.

Fruit smoothies drunk every day at breakfast time is a very great help for the persons that want lose weight. Mix the next ingredients with a blender: 1 cup of soy milk, a cup of rice milk, a banana, a cup of orange juice, four frozen or fresh strawberries, a tablespoon of aloe juice, another of black berry juice, a teaspoon of organic bee pollen and another of flaxseed oil.

You can also add other fruits and you can change the proportions depending on your taste. Besides the fact that this combination is very tasteful it is real efficient in combating obesity. You can also try herbal supplement Figura capsules.

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