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We can cut almost anything and also some clothes. There are several opportunities for getting to look trendy on a budget.

Basic Clothing Timeless basic garments can be worn year. They can always be combined with trendy clothes and accessories in contemporary colors. Garments have a basic neutral color like white, black, brown or beige. It can eg dresses, tops or blouses are.

Regular customers Most stores do have a loyalty card system. They organize additional nights on sale and regular clients often get extra discounts and offers. They are often the first to be informed of the start of the cleanup. The stores can thus customer loyalty but you can benefit from it.

Clearance Fashion is really great in the last round of cleanup. For a few dollars you can often find nice clothes. A disadvantage is that the most common sizes are often sold out. It is always worth it just to watch. For children there is often enough choice and you can also buy bigger clothes and put away for next summer or winter season. Also buy shoes and accessories as much as possible in the cleanup. Do not be tempted to buy clothing that you do not really need but do focus on search. It prevents waste of money and still overspending.

Second-hand Beautiful clothes you can then sell on the Internet and you can also buy second hand clothes. There are also regularly organized fairs clothing. It is wise to this need sufficiently in time to have because they are usually well attended, and otherwise the best clothes sold.

Borrow or rent Clothing occasion you may borrow from family or friends. If not, you can rent. This clothing is worn only occasionally and it is therefore not always pay to buy this yourself.

Decorate A simple shirt with a sewn particular application, ribbons or beads. You can easily do if you 're a bit handy.

New collection For clothing from the new collection you always pay the full price. If the dress a few weeks in the shop is there are often promotions or offers, please wait a moment.

Exchange If you’re tired of your clothes or organize a clothing swap party and clothing with family, friends and acquaintances with the same dress size.

Yourself If you are creative you can make clothes, repair or alteration.

Economical Take care of your clothing, follow the washing instructions, and was always ironing clothes inside out

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