Gingivitis Causes And Treatment And Natural Cure Of Gingivitis
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Gingivitis is a very common dental problem. In fact, gingivitis affects about 90% of all adults at one time or another. Gingivitis can cause bad breath, bleeding gums and mouth pain, and if left unchecked can eventually lead to serious periodontal disease. Once gingivitis has led to periodontal disease, victims are at risk of tooth loss and even heart disease.

Gingivitis, quite simply, is a non-serious form of gum disease. It is mild, or non-serious in its early stages but can lead to more serious periodontal disease. Gingivitis has been known to cause swelling of the gums, but in many cases it is so mild that Gingivitis can be totally unperceived by you.

Causes of Gingivitis

  1. Poor tooth alignment

  2. Heavy plaque deposits

  3. Blood disorders

  1. Drug reactions

  2. Vitamin deficiencies

  3. Hormonal changes, especially those caused by pregnancy, puberty and menopause

  4. Bad oral habits, especially smoking

  5. Certain medications that reduce the saliva in the mouth

Symptoms of Gingivitis

  1. Swollen and tender gums

  2. Blood on toothbrush while brushing

  3. Pus around teeth

  4. Gum redness

  5. Visible tartar deposits

  6. Bad taste in mouth

Home Remedies for Gingivitis

  1. Try a gum massage. Grip your gums between your thumb and index finger (index on the outside) and rub. This will increase healthy blood circulation to your gums.

  2. Stock up on vitamin C. Vitamin C won't cure gingivitis, but it can help check bleeding gums.

  3. Scrape your tongue using a toothbrush. Remove the bacteria and toxins hiding there. Scrape from back to front 5/6 times.

  4. Brush your gums with aloe gel. It's a healing agent and it will reduce some of the plaque in your mouth.

  5. Try the baking soda and water solution. Take plain baking soda, mix it with a little bit of water, and apply it with your fingers along the gumline in a small section of your mouth. Then brush. You'll clean, polish, neutralize acidic bacterial wastes, and deodorize, all in one swoop.

  6. With a pinch of salt soaked in a glass of lukewarm water, create a homemade saline solution. Use this to rinse in the morning and in the evening. This will help increase circulation in your gums and reduce the swelling.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by odor producing bacteria in the mouth. There are certain food products like garlic and onion that are responsible for bad breath. When we don’t clean or brush our teeth properly after meals, bacteria gets accumulated on the left over food in the mouth and also between the teeth. It releases sulphur compounds that makes the breath smell. Bad breath originates from mouth, from the surface of the tongue, between the teeth and below the surface of gum line.

Some Homemade Remedies for curing bad Breath

  1. Rinse your mouth well after each meal and even after a snack. The problem of bad breath begins in the mouth. Food particles get trapped in the teeth, decay fact and give rise to the problem.

  2. When you brush your teeth, use dental floss between the teeth. Mouthwashes and rinses can also help. Clean your tongue as well. A coated lounge can sometimes cause bad breath.

  3. A dental check-up is a must. There may be hidden pockets around the roots of the teeth, or under the gums, where food particles keep collecting. Or, you may have a gum disease. If there is even slight bleeding when you brush your teeth, you should see your dentist. Red, puffy, or bleeding gums can point to gum diseases.

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