Glowing Skin Tips To Increasing Skin Splendor
Dr.Mike • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

People with oily skin tend to wash there face until the feel of dryness sets in. Most of the people with oily skin are obsessed with cleaning their face. But as we all know for youthful glow we require some amount of oiliness in our skin. The dry skin definitely makes one look older. Sebaceous gland is the one which keeps our skin oily. But when the flow of sebum is obstructed it will lead to pimples, this in turn leads to pooling of sebum on which the bacteria act and produces pustular lesions.

Since there is a perplexing number of skin cleansers available in the market it is a very difficult to choose right product for your skin. One thing you should keep in mind when buying a cleanser is that it should not neither make your skin too dry or too oily. But as I mentioned above many of us feel our skin clean only when the feeling of dryness and tightness sets in after washing but this is not good. It is better to use Liquid soaps than the solid soap. Since it is milder you need not use cleansers regularly. Unless you are using heavy make up daily, there is no need to use a cleanser every day. Face wash is always better.

Those of you who have been looking to shed a few kilos easy and hassle free will get some handy tips reading this article. Beauty is something that speaks of good health and an inner radiance that shines through. Water treatments are best and effective means of treatment for maintaining a good figure and good skin. Weight gain can be corrected with the help of water therapy.

Generous amounts of water should be drunk, around two liters a day. This would reduce the amount of food taken and also keep you out of false pain of hunger. If the tissues are well hydrated, the fat deposits are quickly burnt and enzymatic activities are encouraged. Two and a half liters to three and a half liters of water should be consumed in a day for losing weight.

Water is very essential for the skin regeneration. An individual weighing around 130 pound would need 2 gallons of water. If the skin lacks water, it would become wrinkled, loose color, firmness and elasticity. The glands give out toxins and these become too much in the body that hinders in getting you a youthful appearance. Hydrating the skin well is much needed.

Other than water, a honey massage is ideal for the skin. Honey helps to hydrate the skin and this keeps the skin supple, moist and hydrated. The skin is left with a wonderful glow with a soft massage. This treatment can help all skin types and this can be applied on the neck and on the face. Coconut oil can also be used.

You would require two teaspoonful of honey but don’t take more as honey would warm up the body. Honey has a wonderful aroma and you can use it with a bit of coconut oil or olive oil. Honey face mask would also do fine.


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