Sunny • on 11 years ago • 1 min read

God's Flowers The flowers God has given us Have a purpose all their own. Their magical colors brighten up our lives and their beauty brings smiles when they're shown.

Some bloom in the spring, some bloom in the fall Some bloom in the mid-summer's heat, But the most amazing thing of all Is each one has its own little treat.

The beauty of a flower opening Gives proof of God above. For that is proof that miracles Exist on this land that we love.

Roses, carnations and daisies To mention just a few. Bring joy, peace and happiness When they come into our view.

When you give someone flowers It's an expression of care and love Because flowers are a gift from the heart created by God above.


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  • kumar 10 years ago
    no0w i have know time to response u but bi really happy wish you to continue..