Goiter Causes, Symptoms And Natural Treatment And Home Remedies For Goiter
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Goiter is a disorder of the thyroid gland which is located in front of the neck and which produces a secretion which has a extremely significant effect in regulating the general nutrition of the body. An excess of its secretion is associated with different types of situation known as exophthalmia goiter.

Goiter is of two types: (i) simple; and (ii) exophthalmia. In the latter variety, the eyeballs have a tendency to protrude from their sockets. Both of them are caused by the equal factors, but the latter is of a more grave variety and little more difficult to handle than the former.

It is caused by the lack of iodine in the drinking water. The belief is based on the observation that it is endemic to areas where the water supply is free from iodine. Allopaths administer minute doses of iodine to sufferers from goitre and it is efficient in most cases.

In simple goiter, there' is a swelling which is well-marked. It is not only ugly, but is also the cause of great distress. The swelling comes in the way of swallowing of food because it presses both on the windpipe and the alimentary canal.

Causes of Goiters

Common causes and risk factors of Goiters

  1. Hashimoto's disease.

  2. Certain foods - e.g. turnips.

  3. Iodine deficiency.

  4. Solitary thyroid nodules.

  5. Pregnancy.

  6. Thyroid cancer.

  7. Irritation of thyroid.

Symptoms of Goiters

Common symptoms of Rickets include:

  1. Emotional problems.

  2. Hoarseness.

  3. Difficult breathing.

  4. Coughing.

  5. Irritability.

  6. Loss of concentration.

  7. Sadness.

  8. Difficult swallowing. Natural Treatment for Goiter

  9. Some neck stretching exercises which comprise the thyroid muscles and a brisk walk daily for 30 minutes would also make dissimilarity.

  10. Ground flaxseeds in water to make a smooth paste. Heat it and apply above the goiter swelling (don’t apply it when it is too hot because it can burn your skin).

Home Remedies for Goiters

  1. Watercress for Goitre: Being one of the richest sources of iodine, watercress is supposed to stop and treat goitre. One can relate a fresh paste of watercress two times everyday to treat goitre.

  2. Flaxseeds for Goitre: Flaxseeds are considered to have high content of iodine, thus serving in preventing and treating goitre. For this, one can create a paste (with water) of flax seeds, hot it, and relate it on the exaggerated part once everyday.

  3. Doing neck stretches and other such exercises will help in stretching the neck muscles that are attached to the thyroid gland. You can also believe aerobics and jogging as several other form of exercising to treat goiter.

  4. Create the paste of sorrel leaves by adding some olive oil in it. Relate this paste above the goiter. It is believed to be one of the best home remedies for goiter.

  5. You can also consider fast for three days with having simply vegetable and fruit juices. From the fourth day onwards, begin eating regular food.

  6. The leaves of dandelion are also helpful in reducing the swelling caused by goiter. For this put dandelion leaves in some ghee and make it little hot. Applying these leaves above the swelling will decrease the swelling. Doing this on a every day base for about two weeks will treat goiter.

  7. Cool showers every morning and evening proves salutary by treating the thyroid malfunction.

  8. Pineapple is also extremely efficient in curative the goiter.You can also drink pineapple juice on a every day base for controlling all your thyroid related evils.

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