Good & Bad Of AP Turmoil
Priyamani • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Good & Bad Points That Came Out of "Telangana" Movement

The Telangana agitation has gripped the entire Andhra Pradesh since the last one month. However both some good and some bad was done to Andhra Pradesh.

1) Announcement by UPA government that the Polavaram project would be classified as a national project. If this happens then around 40,000 crores would be given to the Andhra Pradesh state.

2) Leaders irrespective of party, caste or religion have come together in their respective areas. Psychologists say that in long run this would help people forget their caste differences.

3) Ironically this struggle has brought many avowed enemies together like CBN - Raghuveera Reddy, Mohan Babu - Chiranjeevi, Paritala Sunitha - JC Diwakar Reddy etc. Though they didn't become full length friends, the animosity has reduced between them.

But the negative points are more than the positive. They are

1) The people got divided according to the regions. But Anthropologists say that the differences would vanish within a few months.

2) Loss to lives. Many people lost their life in the mindless agitations in all the three regions of Andhra Pradesh.

3) Reversible and irreversible loss to businesses and properties all over Andhra Pradesh. Several businesses including one recently from Japan have announced that they are withdrawing their investments in Hyderabad.

There are also many losses to both the public and the private properties. Many of these properties are uninsured and the many owners are just crying over their head. But this should be a lesson for all people to insure their house, buildings, vehicles etc without fail.

4) Loss of around 1500 crores to the government's treasury.



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