Good House Keeping Tips For You
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House keeping has become such an important task for people. It can ensure that people can get so much comfort because they spend time in a clean house. There are many housekeeping tips that can be followed by people to make their abode appear like a haven. These tips can also help in keeping the house in a disciplined state. The upkeep of the house is important to ensure that you enjoy staying in it. A disheveled house is just a cause of pains.

Therefore, people should take care of some important chores, which are so necessary for their house. The TV screen although the most used is still an ignored part of the house. Therefore, it is important to dust it properly for making it look elegant. One can also use a dryer sheet so that the dust does not accumulate on the TV stand and the screen. Even the bathroom mirror is such an important part of the home. A bathroom mirror, which has dust on all its nooks and corners, does not reflect well on your own etiquette.

Even appliances need regular cleaning. These appliances present such a drab appearance when they are stained due to spills. The most common appliances, which suffer from dust are like dishwasher, oven, dryer, washing machine and refrigerator. The appliances do not require much cleaning when the stains are removed as soon as they form. Use a cloth and vinegar to wipe off the most easy to form stains. If they are doing cleaned, they are hard to remove from the surface of any appliance.

The smoke alarms also play an important part because they alert one about fire. Make sure that these alarms work properly and their batteries are changed when expired. Follow these tips for an organized house.

Get everyone involved

Women often prefer to do everything themselves. This is because they feel that a certain job is to be done in a certain way and only they can do it perfectly. They don't pass on responsibility to other family members and feel cheated when no one lifts a finger to help. In reality when all the members of the family work together, chores can be done in a fraction of the time and everyone can have the satisfaction of having contributed something towards the maintenance of their homes.

Match the job to the person

Each member of the family should be asked to take up a particular task. The important thing is to make sure that the task is suitable for their age and their interests. If your husband is a couch potato he can cut vegetables and fruits while watching his favorite TV show. Similarly your son, who is always on the go, can be asked to run a few errands. However if you ask him to peel the garlic he may not be so cooperative simply because it is not in his nature to stay put in a place for more than five minutes.

Ask for Help

Whether it is your spouse, your kids or your in-laws, asking for help always fetches the desired result rather. Avoid bossing around. It is a good idea to sit with family members and prepare a list of jobs to be done. Most of the times people don't understand the volume of work involved and hence may not come forward to do things. But once you have it in black and white, everyone can pitch in. Try to swap places for a day. Let your kids be the parent for a day and you don the role of the kid. While they enjoy the new role, they will also understand the hard work it involves.

Make it fun

On holidays when you expect your kids to clean their rooms or their cupboards, switch on their favorite music. Get a pack of popcorns and get them started. Everyone will be a lot more cooperative. Don't forget to shower praises. Even if the job is not done perfectly, don't make them redo it as by doing so you would be killing their enthusiasm. Later when they are in a listening mood you can gently point out the mistakes, so the next time around they can correct themselves. It is better to give the instructions in a friendly tone before they start the job, or to help them do it the first few times until they get the hang of it.

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