Good Therapy To Reduce Cholesterol Levels
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Cholesterol is lipid, which chemically belongs to the sterols. It is an essential component of the membranes of all cells. The body consists of many cell types, but principally by liver cells. It is the raw material for the synthesis of all sexual hormones, both the man and woman, hormones, and of bile acids and bile salts from the liver. In blood circulation, mainly as a component of lipoproteins. Interest on the amount of cholesterol in the blood: Because the amount of cholesterol in the blood correlated positively for several years now, with atherosclerotic lesions of arteries, i.e. arteriosclerosis. It turned out that that the larger the amount of cholesterol in the blood, the greater the risk for the occurrence of arteriosclerosis at an earlier age.

Diet is an important factor in our health. The diet is essential in the prevention of many disorders, including why the cardiovascular.

There are several studies worldwide that affect the importance of diet as an important factor in controlling cholesterol. If you have cholesterol, your doctor will comment that you cut it, and you must adapt your diet. Sometimes drugs are prescribed but always under strict medical supervision. The diet is increasingly revealed as a good therapy to reduce levels cholesterol.

*Mediterranean diet enriched with rapeseed oil, rich in oleic. The results showed a 70% reduction of cardiovascular morbidity and 50% of total mortality, reaffirming the important preventive effect of dietary intervention. *Diet rich in fiber, vitamins Antioxidants and minerals, an increase of the ratio poly saturated/ saturated. In the intervention group was reduced LDL by 12% with a decrease in coronary mortality of about 40%. *Cholesterol diet to treat a limit should include foods mono-saturated fats, and omega-3. The Mediterranean Diet for its content in vegetables, olive Oil, and blue fish is beneficial for cholesterol. Food beneficial cholesterol diet: *Olive Oil *Avocado *Grapefruit, Citrus *Omega-3, Blue Fish

Well, the cholesterol in the blood increases when we eat a lot of neutral fat, even when these fats are saturated type, such as butter, milk, and fat from lamb, goat, beef or pork. Instead, the various vegetable fats (vegetable oils, which contain many unsaturated fatty acids) and fish oil from fish, appears to limit, but a small extent, the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

However, retention in the intestine more bile salts, and the subsequent expulsion of feces, can have beneficial effects, and this can be done through regular dietary intake of large amounts of fiber, so that the volume content bowel is kept high. Within these large volumes of trapped and excreted in the feces, larger amounts of bile salts, i.e. substances that are composed of raw material cholesterol.

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