Goodbye Rashes After Shaving
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Shaving is suffering, says the not one of us in the daily ritual in the bathroom. Even worse, however, if happens in removing unwanted hair less or greater accident. Do you know how to prevent rashes after shaving, or irritated skin?

The "shaving" accident may come faster than you know it. Just one wrong move with a razor blade and ugly scars will dress up your leg until late summer. Or, you very likely again to intimate parts fired after shaving rash? And what to do with the zapalujúcimi ingrown hairs?


What is your skin?

The first step to a good shave is knowing your skin and its reactions. If you have a healthy resilient skin, shaving or shaving preparations her irritation to the extent that the unpleasant symptoms disappear after a few minutes. Dry, allergic and hypersensitive skin, however respectable hazelnut. If you have very sensitive skin, it is inappropriate to use chemical methods of depilation - thus removing foams and creams. Preferable for you to be a classic shave or tearing of hair, although this method is painful for some women. With the right skin care can irritate the skin less.

The skin will be looked after regularly, not only after shaving. Every day it krémujte evening after showering and upon awakening, the only way to maintain hydration and not enough aftershave to cause pain. Many women have been proven application panthenol (vitamin B5) in the spray at the most sensitive places. It helps skin regeneration remit and flexibility.

What to do with disobedient hairs?

Large role in how much wills your irritated skin after shaving shaving process plays itself and devices that you use. Hair before shaving is necessary to soften what you do best application of hot water, or applying hair conditioner to soften hair. Never Do not shave long hairs before shaving trim them with scissors, then shave.

Against growth or vice versa?

Recommendations as to shave against the hair growth and is diametrically different. While someone is certified by shaving the direction of hair growth to avoid irritation, many women are sticking to hair growth, so as to achieve faster and smoother shave. Much more than direction, it is important to ensure that the proper skin taut, otherwise it would quickly be damaged and shaving will be imperfect. Remember always to rule that the more moves when you do shave, the more they irritate the skin.

If you shave with a reusable razor, actually use it once. Sharpness of the blade to skin irritation plays an important role and it not only dulls the shaving itself, but also hot water.

Never do not shave if you have inflamed skin rash or significant irritation. If the skin is healthy, immediately after shaving her treat. You can choose from many cosmetic products, is up to you that you certify. For each part of your body can throw something else. Soothing the baby powder, can also help with fine lotion disinfection effects, zinc ointment or lotion after shaving.

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