Google’s New Search Algorithm Targets Low Quality Link Building
vikas gupta • onInformation 8 years ago • 2 min read

After the internet search giant Google announced the Panda update in February this year, thousands of sites in the US were seriously impacted.

The improved algorithm digs in deeper into the low-quality websites to yield high-quality results for the user. However, Google claims that the Panda algorithm should affect only about 2% of the websites in the US while the original update impacted over 12% of the US search queries.

Panda update was developed to weed out content farms, thereby removing low quality or offending sites that did not adhere to Google’s quality parameters. In all, the new version aims to target low quality and spammy/scraper sites.

Microsoft-owned was seriously hit, facing 94% decline in traffic. The online-shopping portal had been in the frontline of a EU competition case against Google.

As a result, Google has been accused of deliberately reducing the notoriety of some websites. Responding back, a Google spokesperson refused claims- new algorithm targets specific websites while reducing their visibility.

The new Content Farm Panda update will boost the rankings of all high-quality websites with original information and content such as in-depth research reports and thoughtful analysis.

With this Panda update reaching many English language countries abroad, websites managed through “black-hat” SEO strategy will need to employ a proper strategy in place to reposition their website on ethical standards.


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  • selina 7 years ago
    It is good to learn that google has effected Panda update to weed out low quality content from the web. It is true that a user is entitled to get an authentic and the best information. I think it would be a good news for all the genuine users.