Gout Is A Type Of Arthritis - Food That Benefit In The Treatment
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Arthritis disease among more than a hundred diseases affecting the joints. Suffering of victims of arthritis pain, stiffness and swelling in joints. Many people suffer from arthritis disability.

And uses the term "arthritis and rheumatism substitute for one another. Whatever the case, the word rheumatic more general, referring to many types of diseases of the joints, muscles and connective tissue. The main figures are for arthritis, inflammation of bone joints (osteoarthritis), which is the most common, and rheumatoid arthritis, the second common species.


The disease is also called the erosion of the joints, occurs when he takes detailed in corrosion. Many of the older people are living with arthritis, bone, and may also occur if detailed wounded several times. And joints are always the most affected joints of the hands, hips, knees and lower back and neck.


That the cause of the disorder the metabolism of urine in patients with gout disease is unknown, Guerin there ready and hereditary disease.

Symptoms and signs

Be the age of the patient is usually over forty and get more men than women, the most important phenomena of disease gout are: arthritis, inflammation and serum bags.

Phenomena for other disease gout: deposits of salts of acid urine in the contract called cartilage ear and other areas of the body.

Risk factors:

In some cases, cause high uric acid in gout appearance and sometimes the ratio of the acid is high, but does not appear gout and the reason for this is obscure. And increase the chances of getting gout pain, the longer the survival of high blood uric acid. It can also be very high uric acid have for several years but did not notice it. There are many factors that cause the body to produce an excessive amount of acid or disposal of a small amount of it. These factors include:

• Alcohol especially beer. • Excess weight. • Non-treatment of high blood pressure. • Drugs used to treat blood pressure, which works to reduce the proportion of salt and water in the body. • Do not take aspirin. • Lack of activity and movement such as to stay for long periods in bed. • Surgery. • Sudden fatigue or injury. • Chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood lipids or narrowing of the arteries.

You should avoid the following foods:

• Fat and fatty dishes. • Lentils and beans during acute attacks. • Meat, fish and chicken during acute attacks. • Liver, kidney, brain, salmon, sardines, herring, salinity and roe, and shellfish. • Soup (soup) of meat and fish. • Jam-containing seeds. • Raspberries, strawberries and figs. • Spices and condiments, pickles during acute attacks.

Food that benefit in the treatment of patients with gout:

• Lemon juice has an effective impact in the treatment of gout, as it dissolves the salts deposited in the joints. • Pineapple is very useful in cases of obesity and arthritis. • Hibiscus is very useful in cases of gout. • Grape juice works to reduce the proportion of uric acid in the blood. • Apple: It is boiled peel apples or apple juice cooked in the treatment of gout. • Option is useful in the treatment of gout. • Leek useful in the treatment of gout and arthritis. • Eat radish lived pain of gout and arthritis. • Drink teas bitter watercress useful in the treatment of gout. Watercress and manufactures infusion by pouring a pint of boiling water over 20 grams of watercress leaves. • Celery juice is useful for the treatment of gout, arthritis, where the amount of drink half a glass a day for 15-20 days. • Uses ginger ale before eating medicine forces acting in the cases of gout.

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