Great Example: Customer Focus Through Innovation!
devendra patil • onManagement 10 years ago • 1 min read

Innovative Mumbai Rickshaw Driver from Bandra

He has got a first aid box on the left and a newspaper box on right (which had a=l hindi-english-marathi-gujrati and economic times)

He has got a tv on the top with cable (I was watching colors channel) and below =hat is the tissue box. on the left is the mandir types and dont miss the "Only gandhigiri" written there , below that is the calendar an= a notepad and pen along with a blue fan (which is blowing towards the custo=er who sits)

25% discount for handicap!! who on this earth can expect some think like this from an rickshawala yaar!!

The photographer spoke to that person and found him so much interesting and creative. He was telling some new stuff he is going to do more for the customers to be happy.

It's amazing there are people still alive like him in this world!



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