Gum Inflammation - Bleeding Gums Treatment
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There are many kinds of infections occur in the gums, including simple ones that cause bleeding and needs immediate medical intervention. There are also many reasons to gum inflammation if it has knowledge and taking into account to avoid possible to avoid this infection to a large extent, but of infections that occur during menstruation and pregnancy. Other causes can be avoided. The following are some species and common causes of gum infections.

image Causes of bleeding gums

Chronic inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth:

Albuoria which reflect chronic inflammation, which affects all the tissues surrounding the teeth, including many types of simple can be overcome, including very deep, which has no cure, however, never remove the teeth immediately and continue Albuoria many years, which are often an extension of the inflammation simple gums if neglected treatment.

The severe pain occurs, then when you chew food, and not only that but also infected with the disease complained bitterly complain that their teeth are moving from place.

Who use a toothbrush should pay attention to the fact that prominent and this fact is that they must not use their toothbrush harshly never that cruelty in the use of a toothbrush make gums bleed bleeding heavily because the toothbrush then occur exfoliation and injuries of the gums.

Bleeding gums during menstruation

• The bleeding gums in the days of menstruation increase if oral hygiene is neglected to some extent infected gums chronic inflammation simple. • That the injury to gum inflammation that simple pre-menstrual period makes severe bleeding gums when you come this time.

Vitamin C Deficiency

• Some people think that vitamin C is the best remedy for bleeding gums and this is not always true because vitamin C has no value, all to prevent bleeding gums, but if this bleeding has occurred due to lack of vitamin C in particular • Which usually happens is that bleeding gums causes and have a position in the mouth, but that the manifestations of vitamin C do not appear in the mouth only if there were encouraging factors, such as lime deposits and neglect of oral hygiene • The lack of vitamin C, if it continues more than six months, it may be able to eventually bring about bleeding gums.


• Diseases that afflict human blood has many types and forms of which is steep and some are chronic and some are caused by genetics or lack of nutrition and some are caused by cancerous tumors, for example • All diseases of the blood can cause bleeding, bleeding gums may be simple, but sometimes it is very strong can not be stopped only with great difficulty may occur automatically at the slightest pressure on the gums as it happens when you press the finger, for example.

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