Hair Care And Recipes To Strengthen Hair Growth
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There are many things you can do to take care of your hair. But most people pay attention to what they do with their hair, but neglect the food they eat. Hair experts recommend that to have healthy hair growth, a well balanced diet is necessary. The nutrients and iron that comes with the diet can make a difference.

Some foods that will help promote hair growth: 1) Salmon fish:-Hair protein needs so you can continue to grow. When there is a lack of protein, the strands tend to grow more slowly. Therefore, a diet rich protein is necessary to help stimulate growth. Salmon is a rich source of protein and has lots of omega-3. It is also very rich in vitamin B-12 and iron, and both substances help the individual develop a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp sets the stage for rapid growth hair.

2) Vegetables:-Green leafy green leafy vegetables (especially dark green vegetables) contain lots of vitamin A and C. These vitamins help improve the body's immune system. Having a healthy body is essential for hair to grow rapidly. Vegetables also help secret oily substances that form a thin film of protection for the hair. Never wash the hair; it can remove the protective oils. Hair that is too dry they tend to become brittle and break easily.

3) Fruits of a healthy hair:-If you go nuts healthier hair, make sure to consume plenty of fruits and nuts. Nuts contain an important nutrient, known as selenium. Selenium is responsible for developing a healthy scalp. There are many different types of nuts that you might consider using. They include nuts, cashews, pecans and almonds - all of which are readily available in the main supermarkets.

Recipes for strengthening and stimulating hair growth: Seem to have a silky taking 30 grams of chamomile flowers, put them in a bowl enameled, is covered with 100 milliliters of hot water and let it infused over one hour. Infusion obtained filter and dissolve a teaspoon of honey in it. With this solution to wet hair after you wash and you've wiped well with a dry towel, and after 30-40 minutes Rinse with warm water.

If fat loss procedure is repeated every six to seven days, and if dry hair - every 10-12 days.

To strengthen and stimulate hair growths in four parts on the grated onion add some honey and mix well. The mixture obtained is spread on hair and the root, let it act for 30 minutes, then rinse.

If very dry hair mixed before adding more and a small amount of sunflower oil or olive. With an hour before washing the hair, the mixture is spread on the hair and head covered with a plastic bag, then you rinse with warm water.

To prevent hair loss and its degradation, to restore elasticity and radiance, to normalize sebaceous gland activity and fight dandruff, mix a tablespoon of yogurt, a tablespoon of apple vinegar, a tablespoon of an infusion of chamomile, paste prepared in two cloves of garlic and onions once a grated, one teaspoon of honey. This mixture can also add two tablespoons of dry crust of bread, rye. Obtained mass lies on the head with two or three hours before you wash, then covered with a polyethylene film with a thick towel.

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