Hair Care In Winter For Healthy Hair
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A good hairstyle is not only important for a more beautiful appearance but also for the well-being, say British researchers. They found that 54 percent of respondents feel better when you have nice hair - when you wash your hair and arrange their own home or a new hairstyle when you leave the hairdresser.

As the winter condition of the hair are affected by many factors such as low temperature, central heating and exhaustion Mon merry December, is not superfluous to offer additional hair care products. The objective of hair care in winter is to keep hair shiny and moist.


Hormone-dependent hereditary hair loss

On hair loss significantly affect hormones, particularly male sex hormones that cause hair thinning and the gradual collapse of the hair follicles, while the female sex hormones those hair follicles to protect it from degradation. Genes are inherited from parents, governing the number of binding sites for androgens and estrogens; there is a balance between the two. If the balance disturbed, the disease develops.

Alarm, diffuse hair loss

Hair loss is not an illness but a symptom of other disorders. The cause may be inflammatory, toxic substances, vitamin deficiency, disorders of the immune system, inadequate thyroid function, too much vitamin A, physical or mental stress.

For more gloss

To begin with for a while forget the iron, which may be in frequent use hair dries out and takes away the shine. Prefer to straighten hair with a big round brush with natural bristles such as are doing the best salons. Hairstyle you in this way presented a volume, the hair will be more soft and shiny. If your hair is very dry, the tip of hair spray a little of the product care tips, or grease them with a nourishing cream.

Do not forget your hat

In cold, windy days or sneženih Protect hair with cap. To avoid breaking the hair, choose a hat made from materials that are soft.

Before washing

Before washing your hair well razcešite comb. By using the scalp to remove the fallen hair and prevent the hair during shampooing break.


Winter hair washes with nourishing shampoo that retains moisture. Instead of hot water, the hair dries, you wash and rinse with lukewarm. You do not mind the cold water? Then rinse hair with cold water to further increase the shine.

Extra Care

Hair and scalp can be further nurturing each washing. Shampoo, add a few drops of olive or coconut oil. If your hair is very dry, do not forget the regenerator. Additional hair care products can you offer to the nutritive masks to choose according to your hair type.

Shine is not just hair

At the daily intake of food products listed results will be seen in a few weeks. Reinforced not only will your hair, but nails. Also, your skin will become more radiant and you'll feel better because your diet balanced and full of nutrients.

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