Hair Care Tips And How To Choose The Perfect Hair Care
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The most common cause of hair loss in men is androgen tic alopecia which can also be called DHT Hair Loss. When testosterone, the male hormone, gets converted to DHT, it results in hair loss. Besides Anti-Androgen Medication, there are a number of Herbal Nutritional Supplements available which contain natural substances for blocking this transformation into DHT by the human body and are able to take care of hair loss.

The way your hair looks can make or ruin your appearance completely. Beautiful hair completes any appearance. Your hairstyle has to be perfect for you to look your best. There are a few of hair care secrets that are very handy and will help you make your hair look wonderful. Read these hair care tips to make your hair look and stay they way you want them to.

Hair Care Tips: -

• Use natural shampoo or soap to clean the hair. • Add iron and minerals in the natural form in your diet. • Enhance oiling and massaging of scalp. • Use coconut oil or mustard oil at least three times in a week. • Maintain a regular bowel movement everyday. • Never use a rubber band on your hair as it can pull and damage hair considerably. • If your hair is oily, cut down on fried food and fat. Drink plenty of water. • Never go out in the sun without having your head covered. • The diet should contain more green leafy vegetables, salads, milk, fruits and sprouts. Take more proteins, milk, buttermilk, yeast, wheat germ, soybean and vitamin A. • Rub the scalp vigorously after washing the hair. It increases the blood circulation, and activates the sebaceous glands. • Stimulate circulation by massaging your head with oil to which some vitamin E has been added. This will make hair soft and silky. • A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is good to drink to induce hair growth. The juice of alfalfa mixed with that of carrot, and lettuce juice is also good to take. • Never wash your hair with very hot or very cold water. • Daily application of coconut oil mixed with lime- juice on the hair is also beneficial. Applying juice of green coriander leaves on the head is also good. • Learn to relax. Hair loss can happen because of stress. Eat foods that are rich in vitamin B, C and E. • A paste of licorice made by grinding it in milk can be applied in the bald patches. It induces hair growth. A paste of seeds of lemon and black pepper may also be applied on the bald patches. • After a perm, never brush your hair. Instead comb hair gently. • Trim your hair once in 7 weeks to avoid split ends. • Avoid pulling back your hair tightly.

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