Hair Loss Occurs In Women Too
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Hair loss - it looks like an ailment your father should have to cope with, right? But not you. No, not you. Not one of Eve’s lovely descendants. Unfortunately, your hairbrush and your shower drain prove otherwise. Now, with a brave heart and a composed disposition, you attempt to take a rational approach to address the issue and keep your precious locks (as well as your sanity).

Assess the Situation

Your problem may have been caused by hair breakage and not hair loss. The former usually occurs when the hair is constantly exposed to chemical treatments or harsh commercial products. Hair accessories like elastic hair bands may also contribute to its breakage. If this is the issue, you may opt to forgo utilizing curling irons, flat irons, and even blow dryers. The heat generated by these styling tools damages the hair making it brittle. As for the elastic bands, exchange the same for some scrunchies. Another concern is hair bending. If you keep on pulling your hair back and insisting on tight hairstyles, then you are looking for trouble. Continuously applying pressure upon the fragile follicles and stressing the roots will only produce bleak consequences.

Hair Loss and Breakage

If it is indeed hair loss and not mere breakage, then the initial step is to determine what caused it. In the past, the list of probable grounds for hair loss on women was frequently linked to genetic factors or pregnancy and menstrual cycle. Actually, this problem will arise in the event where the hormones go haywire. In addition to this, ailments like thyroid and anemia are also associated to hair loss. Today, the list has been updated. Poor diet for instance. Stress, pollutants, and chemicals are included as well. With the cause identified, prevention is rather easy in most cases. But with thyroid, anemia, and other related diseases, medical professionals need to be consulted to obtain proper hair loss treatment.

Prevention Methods

Hair loss can be tackled through moderate lifestyle changes. One is to have a healthy and balanced diet. Remember, there are five food groups: the grains (breads and cereals), fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, and lastly, the tempting sweets/fats/oils triumvirate. Your diet must contain proteins (found in meats, milk, and soy beans). Bear in mind that the hair is composed mainly of keratin, a type of protein. So it is fitting that protein be incorporated. Next are the vitamins, particularly the letters B, C and E. ‘B’ promotes hair growth and ‘C’ produces healthy scalp. Vitamin E works hand in hand with iron. Both encourage proper blood circulation. If you cannot keep track with the required vitamins, popping multi-vitamins and supplements daily will do the trick.

Changes also lie in hygiene. Keep your hair and scalp free from oil and dirt build-up. Dandruff is one of the major causes of hair loss and this can be resolved by purchasing medicated shampoos. Invest in hair products that have keratin in them. And when you dry your hair, be extra careful. The hair is at its most fragile state when wet.

Relax. When one is stressed, hair loss is only one of the unwanted effects. Other consequences may include breakouts, anxiety, headaches and digestive problems. So try to relax as much as possible. Enroll in a yoga class or purchase a video, listen to relaxing music, do whatever you need to do to put your mind at rest.

These are a few of the simple lifestyle changes that can prevent hair loss on women. However, if no development is experienced after applying these changes, then it is best that one solicit a professional’s advice. is the great online source for hair loss treatment, product and articles.


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  • Guest 10 years ago

    In recent days, many women are suffer with hair loss problem. Hair loss prevention is better then cure. There are many Hair loss prevention techniques for men and women. Hair loss prevention through Ayurveda is very famous now. Hair can be lost to inappropriate care and damage. Proper care is essential to good hair as in appropriate relaxed. Many shampoos and hair oils can care of damaged hairs.