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Is there a relationship between stress and hair loss? Many people live their lives in the frantic pace. Stress considered a normal part of life, which can grow to an extremely busy. Veale causing hair loss or thinning dockage stress even more serious health problems that include heart attacks and strokes. With lifestyle changes to its quieter and more natural appearance can be achieved by improving the overall health and give the hair a chance to recover.

Effects of stress on the hair


According to The Oxford Dictionary Encyclopedia stress draining physical or mental energy. Many people endeavor to cope with everyday demands inherent in the problems with finances, work, marriage, household activities, in raising children, caring for elderly parents, etc. These demands are a regular stressful just themselves, but is sometimes exacerbated by the events that cause severe stress, such as a death in the family.

There are generally two types of stress-induced hair loss: deluge effluvium (hair sudden transition into the final phase of development) and alopecia aerate (hair loss bordered).

Telogen effluvium occurs when sudden or severe stress causes increased hair loss, which is generally started by an unbroken stressful events or chronic stress. Such a condition is rather transient and hair starts growing

again in the next 6-9 months.

Alopecia aerate is a much more devastating. Heavy stress can also trigger this type of hair loss. In this case white blood cells attack the hair follicles and stops hair growth. Hair then falls relatively quickly - usually in whole or in clusters of areas within a few weeks after the stressful event. The hair can sometimes grow back again.

How to Manage Stress

When the victim learns how to manage stress, improve not only the state of his hair, but also his general health. Try the following tips, leading to improved lifestyle.

Get rid of the causes of stress. If you have problems with relationships? Try to communicate and solve problems or to Move. Do you have stress-induced sadness? Join a group of people who support you, and go through the necessary steps of his grief, to go forward. Worry about finances? Take an austerity budget, avoid impulsivnímu spending and enjoying all the extra money to pay down debt. You work too much? Curbed and reassess his situation - the pleasure of time spent with family and friends can be compensated with money. Do you have a bad physical condition? Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress and will certainly be beneficial to your overall health.

Massage, meditation, spiritual activities, aromatherapy, vacation time reading a good book or watching a comedy can help one to overcome stress. Dopravejte you get enough sleep and eat a healthy balanced diet. These activities can reassure people and reduce the risk of hair loss caused by stress.

Natural resources that benefit the hair

In addition to learning how to manage stress, avoid shampoos and detergents to hair care to hair damage and contribute to the losses. Commercially produced shampoos, conditioners and hair coloring contain chemicals that can damage hair. Always buy your friendly, organic and natural products for hair care products.

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