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Each woman likes to get stylish hairstyles, to be noticed and be in the spotlight. But when it comes to the office hair, you should pay more attention on what's ok and what's not. The look of the employees shows mostly everything about the company. Even if you are not in direct relation with clients, it is important to keep an appropriate look for the sake of your job.

Styling our hair each morning before getting to the office might be the main element of our entire look which will help us out in many situations, or just as well ruin our entire career. There are situations when you are free to experience with new and stylish hairstyles, but for the office time, you should play it safe and go for some simple steps that might help you save your job. So here are a couple of great ideas that will surely make a safe yet feminine look for the office.

It is important for you to select a hairstyle that is capable of complementing your overall personality. It is unadvisable for you to opt for an elaborate hairstyle that is difficult to manage as you might end up getting late for office everyday. It is also recommended that you stay away from wild and vivacious haircuts and styles as they might be against the office norms unless of course you are working at a pub or brilliant restaurant.

Types of Office hairstyles:

Classic Up-do: This charming up-do is extremely sleek and elegant. It looks best on shoulder length or longer hair. It works best on fine or thin hair types and can be decorated with hair pieces and extensions. Straight hair is ideal for creating this style and if you have wavy or curly hair, you need to straighten it with the help of a flat iron. You can brush your hair backwards or make a mid or side parting in the front. Then gather your tresses in a ponytail and secure it tightly at the crown with bob pins. You can use great looking decorative pieces to enhance the bun.

Caesar Cut: A Caesar cut is a semi-short hairstyle made popular by Julius Caesar. It is a great hairstyle for men. The hair is layered to 1inch to 3inch on top and brushed forward with short bangs at the front. This cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle and is ideal for covering a receding hairline.

Curly Flair: This hairstyle looks great for all occasions and requires any length of hair below the shoulder level. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly. Then split your tresses in a middle or side parting. Take few strands and set it on rollers. You can also blow dry your hair if you are looking to set it quickly. Open the rollers and you are all set to twirl. You can finish styling your hair by spraying a fine styling spray so that the curls retain their shape for the longest period of time.

The classic Bob: This can be cut at even lengths as well as at an angle. The style that you select must suit your face shape and personality. If you have a thin face, you must opt for an even bib, whereas if you have a round face you must go in for an angled bob cut.

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