Halitosis And Bad Breath Cure With Natural Remedies
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Halitosis is a very common condition. Is manifested in the form of occasional bad breath, which feels all healthy adults to get up in the morning, or as serious or severe problems, from metabolic disorders to lung tumors. Is said to affect nearly 50% of a population. In this note we know what causes it, how to prevent and, most important in case of suffering, how to combat it.

Halitosis definition

It's called the process that causes halitosis breath has an unpleasant odor. The main causes that produce it may be: poor dental hygiene, dental caries, gum disease

, the use of certain dentures, mouth sores and snuff. It may even be a result of excessive dryness in the mouth, which can be caused by over three hundred drugs, including antidepressants and antihistamines are counted. It is a problem that intensifies with stress.


There are several factors that cause bad breath such as gastric problems, poor oral hygiene, gum disease, improper diet, constipation, smoking, diabetes, indigestion, liver malfunction, postnasal drip or stress.

It may also appear halitosis or bad breath after a big meal in garlic, onion or species.

The board plays an important role in halitosis which is a soft, sticky film of bacteria (which can reach 50 billion) fixed to the teeth and gums and stay, especially in the dark ares lug causing bad odor. Hence the importance of brushing and good oral hygiene.

To see if you have bad breath

, there are different techniques as: • Put a handkerchief over his mouth, blowing and then smell the cloth. If you notice any unpleasant odor, you have bad breath • Cupping his hands and then exhale at length in the hollow of their hands. If you notice a foul odor is that there is bad breath. • Dental floss which must pass smoothly between teeth.

Bad breath is caused by bacterial decomposition of waste in the food between the teeth, saliva, mucous membranes or blood cells, causing sulfur compounds and volatile. Since the production of substances for bad breath originate in the uterus from the mouth of one of the first symptoms of the problems associated with gum disease and oral hygiene, the presence of tartar and plaque attached.

Advisor is a unique scent and studies have clearly demonstrated the inability of people to measure their level of bad breath. People often have this problem with bad breath, to see if a family member, employees or friends know. Some of the most common symptoms are:

• The presence of the layer of white or yellow • Dry mouth, thick saliva, burning tongue • Bad taste in morning • Gori, after the consumption of alcohol, snuff, coffee, dairy products and sweets • People with gum or mints near often offer • People who give up or step back • Sour ongoing bitter or metallic taste

Halitosis (bad breath) is not always a problem that is related to the mouth (teeth) or respiratory tract. The problem can also be a reference to the digestive tract, as is quite common to happen. Not everyone made the digestion in the same way and this may affect.

As the main reason of departure for those who suffer from digestive halitosis, I must say that it is necessary to avoid certain foods that are quite likely to generate bad breath for being difficult to work for the stomach. There you will find the garlic and onions, peppers, cucumbers, strong spices. Also alcohol and snuff. Shelve them will be critical to eradicate this problem.

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